Family Matters

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Family Matters

Having apparently calmed Jake down (since he's now sitting quietly on the bed while Luka picks glass out of his knuckles), Luka confirms that, at the time of the accident, Jake was the one who was cooking. Dylan says that he had "some business to handle" that prevented him from getting home before 2 AM, so he slept in. Jake wanted some french toast so he tried to cook it himself, and ended up setting the kitchen on fire. Turning to Jake, Dylan adds, "He knows better than that. Don't you, Jake? You can talk now; I'm not mad no more." Jake says nothing, just rocks back and forth, and Dylan tells Lydia and Luka, "He hates it when he thinks he's done something wrong -- just goes all quiet." Luka asks where their parents are, and Dylan says, "They don't ask about us; we don't ask about them." He can't remember when their dad left, and that their mother is "on the streets," although they see her sometimes; he adds that he and Jake "move around a lot." Luka says that must make it hard for Social Services to keep up with them. Dylan angrily says, "They got enough to do without worrying about us." Luka suggests that Social Services might help him and Jake. Dylan says that he and Jake can keep on helping themselves. Without challenging him, Luka asks, "Can you?" Getting increasingly defensive, Dylan says they do all right; Jake works around the complex sweeping up, and people pay him, and they do fine. Jake says, "I do my job." Dylan says, "You do, man. You do a good job." Luka looks unconvinced, but doesn't argue.

Haleh undresses Jane Doe, now dressed in a hospital gown, and protesting that they "can't force [her] to do this." Haleh says that they're not forcing her, they're helping her. Chen adds, "That's the deal. You get to lie about your name and age --" "But you do not get to sit around in these stinky clothes," Haleh concludes. She says that she'll try to find Jane Doe some clean clothes in the lost and found, and leaves. Chen says, "So! Jane Doe, huh?" She says that her parents weren't very clever. Chen says that, clever or not, they must miss her. Jane Doe says, "I wouldn't know." Chen asks how she got "these other marks" on her arms. Jane says she doesn't recall. Haleh comes in to tell Chen she has a call on five about "that little boy with meningitis." Chen doesn't know what she's talking about, but Haleh insists that it's urgent, so Chen goes out in the hall, where Haleh tells her that she found Jane Doe's wallet, containing her name (Alyssa Adams), and her address and phone number. What a sly fox that Haleh is!

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