Family Matters

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Family Matters

Luka continues to investigate his young patient's case, while Lydia looks after the patient's hands, which seem to be burnt. Luka asks if the patient was cooking breakfast; he says he was, and that it was "no big deal." On the other side of the room, rocking slightly back and forth, Jake says, "I like french toast." Lydia tells him that she does too, "with maple syrup." Jake says again, "I like french toast!" Luka asks, "Is that what you were cooking?" Before he can answer, Jake gets agitated and starts repeating, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Dylan! I'm sorry!" Dylan! Thank you, Jake. Dylan, with exasperation rather than anger, yells at Jake to be quiet and sit down. Jake plaintively asks him not to be mad, and Dylan yells that he isn't mad, but that Jake just needs to "shut up!" Luka says, "It's okay, he can talk," and asks if Dylan was burnt by the grease. Dylan evasively asks what difference it makes, and exhorts Luka to just "put some stuff on it" so that he and Dylan can get out of there. As Jake continues to pace, and to tell Dylan that he's sorry, Luka quietly notes that they were having "kind of a late breakfast," and asks if they missed school. Dylan says that he's eighteen, and that he's out of school. Luka asks, "What about Jake?" Jake's apology increases in volume and intensity, and instead of answering Luka, Dylan yells at him to shut up. Jake punches in a light box. Glass breaks. The glass-breaking-in-fifty-per-cent-of-ER-episodes clause in NBC's contract is met. Jake sinks to the floor crying. Luka puts his arms around him and tells him it's all right.

The hood is up on what is presumably Weaver's car as Dr. Dave tries, and fails, to start it. Carter strolls by with a cup of coffee and asks if Dr. Dave is trying to steal it. Dr. Dave chooses to ignore this question and asks Carter, "Did you know this new resident -- Jing Something-or-Other?" As if I needed more proof that Dr. Dave is an oaf. Good lord. Carter dryly says, "That's good. Screw up her name. That'll impress her." Dr. Dave says he heard she was a medical student at County. Carter says, "Yes, she was. Yes, I knew her," and starts to walk away. Dr. Dave says, "And?" Carter says, "'And' nothing." Knowingly, Dr. Dave says, "Didn't work out, huh?" Carter saltily replies, "Dave, I did not try and [sic] go through every medical student." Dr. Dave smirks, "Oh yeah? Why not?" Carter is dumbstruck, so Dr. Dave says he was just kidding, and adds, "You want me to back off, you just say so." Carter says he thinks Chen and Dr. Dave would be great together.

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