Family Matters

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Family Matters

Elsewhere, a young adult in a toque is being pushed down the hall in a wheelchair, protesting that he can walk. From behind him, we hear the dulcet tones of Luka "The Dark Avenger" Kovac reply, "I'm sure you can." Beside the patient, a younger adult, also in a toque, says, "I can walk." The patient soothingly says, "It's okay, Jake." Jake, who evinces some kind of mental challenge, insists, "But I can walk!" Luka asks the patient whether he drove to the hospital by himself. The patient says he did. Jake says, "I can drive!" and makes steering motions with his hands. Aw. The patient, warningly, says, "Not right now, Jake." Luka tells the patient to sit on the bed. His hands are loosely covered with white cloths -- not tightly enough to be bandages, though. Jake sits down beside him and reaches over to touch the cloths, but the patient (whose name I really wish someone would say so I don't have to keep typing "The Patient") tells him not to touch. Jake puts his hands in his lap and looks down, ashamed. Luka gloves up, looking watchful.

At the desk, Chen and Carter are trying to give a recap of the Sumter Disturbance. Carter leads off: "She was not supposed to tell the wife." Chen replies, "I did not tell the wife. I held out the phone so that Public Health could tell his wife!" Carter starts to protest but Weaver essentially tells them both to cram it and says that no one has done anything wrong, and that next time they should keep it from becoming "a slugfest." Weaver briskly tells Carter that since Mr. Sumter is his patient, he should "clean up the mess," and tells Chen that there's a Jane Doe in chairs with Officer Grabarsky (a.k.a. Lydia's husband Al), and asks Chen to check it out. Chen hoofs it over to chairs and introduces herself to Al, who says, "'Jing' what?" Um, hello? I know it's not spelled the same, but the second part of her name is pronounced "May," which as far as I know is not a phoneme with which most English speakers have a problem. God. Instead of poking him in the eyes, Chen takes a deep breath and asks if the girl sitting beside him is the Jane Doe. Al says that she's a probable runaway and won't give them her real name, and that she was panhandling under the El. He adds that she has some frostbite, and a "bad lac" on her forearm. Jane Doe wearily insists, "I'm FINE." Al, gruffly but not unkindly, tells her, "Hey, look. It's warm in here. They feed you. They let you sleep. My advice: Take the day off." Jane Doe looks defeated. Aw. Al!

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