Family Matters

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Family Matters

Elizabeth. Rollins. Elizabeth: "I want to talk to you." Rollins: "I'm in pain, and I hate you. You're fired." Blah blah blah morphinecakes.

At the desk, Andrew uses Mark's stethoscope to listen to his own heart, rendering him unable to hear Mrs. Sumter ask him where the pay phone is. Chen calls his name a little more loudly and he takes off the stethoscope to direct her, only Kerry "Kerry Quite Contrary" Weaver, coming in behind Chen with her cane in one hand and a big cup of coffee in the other, beats him to it, sending Mrs. Sumter to the pay phone near chairs. Giving Chen a quick once-over, Kerry says, "Okay, I know he's Andrew, but who are you?" Chen introduces herself and says she's a new resident starting today. At that moment "Dr." Dave Malucci sidles up beside Chen and introduces himself. Weaver introduces herself to Chen as chief of the ER and asks why Chen is starting in January. Chen fidgets nervously for a second and then asks Weaver if she may speak to her alone. Around the corner, Chen explains that her father "bought [her] way into the program," and that while she's not proud of that, she is grateful. Weaver knits her brows. Chen breezily adds, "I'm not a bad doctor, but as a med student I did almost kill a patient in this very ER. I'm more confident now, so hopefully [sic] this will all work out." That can't be an easy thing to tell a boss, but given that, if Chen hadn't, Weaver would have heard it from someone else within the space of a day, she doesn't have a lot of choice. Weaver replies, "Hopefully [sic], it will!" (And now, for this recap's Grammar Lessson: "Hopefully" does not mean "I hope." It is an adverb that means "to do something in a hopeful manner," as in "She looked at him hopefully." I know this is a usage error that seems to have entered the legitimate lexicon. It's still incorrect.) Chen perks off, and Weaver asks Andrew to find the yellow pages, since her car broke down across the street. Overhearing, Dr. Dave offers to help. She says, "I'm sure you have patients," and Dr. Dave says he doesn't, and that he's not even on yet; he's just in doing paperwork. Weaver says, "I hope I don't regret this: Give it a shot." As he takes off, she calls after him, "Remember, it's broke -- not dead." Chen asks Andrew to get her the number for the public health department, and then glances around shiftily.

Carter pulls the curtain around Mr. Sumter's bed. Mr. Sumter says that his wife went to use the phone, and Carter says that's okay, since they don't need her to be there for this. He then unceremoniously announces that Mr. Sumter has gonorrhea. Mr. Sumter makes shocked noises, and Carter explains that the bacteria is carried through the blood, and that it just happened to settle in Mr. Sumter's knee. Carter asks whether Mr. Sumter has had any discharge during urination. Mr. Sumter says that he did, a couple of weeks ago, but it went away. Carter asks if Mr. Sumter has had sex with anyone other than his wife. Mr. Sumter makes with the outrage routine, but Carter stops him cold and repeats the question. Mr. Sumter admits that he did have sex with someone other than his wife, one time. Carter tries hard not to look vindicated, and advises Mr. Sumter to tell his wife. Right on cue, Mrs. Sumter yanks back the curtain (pulling it far enough to reveal Chen standing beside her). Mrs. Sumter paces a moment beside the bed, wearing an angry smirk, and then starts cussing him out and beating him with her purse. And fists. Which is a perfectly acceptable reaction, if you ask me. Chen and Carter try vainly to separate them, but the Sumters cause such a ruckus that Weaver is forced to come crutching over to try to help break it up.

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