Family Matters

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Family Matters

Chen steps all over whatever Carter might have intended to say next: "As soon as we get the results, we'll start you on some antibiotics, and you'll be better in no time." Mr. and Mrs. Sumter thank Chen, and Carter says, "You're welcome." Chen says that they'll be back. Yosh calls Chen and Carter over to Cassandra's bed, where Dr. Myers is waiting. He asks Chen about the diagnosis of Lindane toxicity, and with the most false of all possible false modesty, she calls it "just a crazy guess" and introduces herself. Carter looks like he swallowed a tack. Dr. Myers tells her it was "a great pickup" and hands the chart back to Carter, sarcastically saying, "Thanks for thinking of us." Heh. With completely undisguised glee, Chen tells Yosh, "Feels good to be back." Yosh shoots her a look that clearly states, "That makes one of us." ["I'm with Yosh. Sorry, dude." -- Sars]

As Cleo "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Finch takes a patient on a gurney to an exam room, Peter "All About The" Benton asks her if she needs a trauma surgeon. Finch tells him that the patient doesn't meet trauma criteria. He says that since he's there anyway, he might as well take a look. She stares at him, stone-faced (as usual), and says nothing. A moment later they're lifting the patient onto a bed and Benton asks her name, which is Tamara Davis (not to be confused with Bad Girls director Tamra Davis). She's fully conscious, her pupils are "equal and reactive," and she knows she's in a hospital. While Benton performs this test, Tamara testily tells them that she has a basketball game that night, and asks if she'll be able to play. Finch tells her they won't know until they finish examining her. Benton asks how the accident happened, and Tamara says that she was driving to school, and the next thing she remembers is being put into the ambulance. Finch examines her hand, causing Tamara to yelp. Finch notes tenderness in "the snuffbox," and Tamara says, "That's my shooting hand!" Finch orders an x-ray of Tamara's hand. Handing Finch the chart, Benton tells her to "get a cone-down of the navicular," and books, as Finch yells after him, "Thanks, Peter -- what would I do without you?"

Carter is looking at an x-ray when Chen comes in and tells him Mr. Sumter's gram stain is back. Carter asks if it's staph, and Chen replies, "In his dreams. Try gonorrhea." Carter says, "Ouch." Chen asks, "Do you want to tell them?" Pointedly, Carter replies, "I'll tell him. Legally, we can't tell her without his permission; hopefully [sic], he'll tell her himself." Chen reminds him that they have to report the case to public health: "They can follow up -- tell the wife." Carter scoffs, "I kind of doubt it. Between syphilis and HIV, they kind of have their hands full." Chen asks, "What if Sumter doesn't tell his wife?" Carter is unperturbed: "Then he doesn't tell his wife." Chen watches him go, staring daggers into his back. Do you think she's going to find a way to tell his wife? Because I don't.

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