Family Matters

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Family Matters

At the desk, Andrew tells Mark that his taxi will be there shortly. Well, not "there" at the desk, of course -- at the hospital. Mark apologizes to Elizabeth for having to cancel the barbecue; she tells him not to be "ridiculous," and that she's worried about Holling. Mark says she should be worried: "I may have to kill him for pulling this. Do you have any idea how hard it was to get him into that retirement community?" Wryly, Elizabeth says, "Yes, I believe you have shared that with me." He tells her he wishes she were coming; she says she does too, not least because she's due to see Dean Rollins next. The credits reveal that Baldo himself directed this episode. Mark says he'll be glad when Elizabeth's rid of Rollins. She says she will too, like, DUH, and tells Mark to call her when he gets to San Diego. They kiss. I take a mental health day. At the door, Mark pauses and calls Andrew. He gives Andrew his stethoscope, with instructions to give it to Yosh, assures Andrew that Dr. Weaver will be in shortly, and that, in the meantime, Andrew is in charge. Looking alarmed, Andrew asks, "What if there's an emergency?" Aw -- tee hee! Mark says, "Call a doctor." Apparently trying to decide what to do with himself and this new responsibility, Andrew idly swings the stethoscope and hits himself in the eye. Just then two bundled-up college-age girls giggle through the door and, seeing Andrew (who by now has but the stethoscope in his ears), yelp, "There's one! We need a doctor!" He asks what the problem is, and one of the girls says, "Smile!" and take Andrew's picture. The other explains that they're on a scavenger hunt, and that they need to find a doctor, a policeman, a bridegroom, and a polar bear. I know -- Things You Hope You Won't Need on Your Wedding Day.

In another curtain area, Carter introduces his patient Mr. Sumter, and his wife, to Chen. A small circle of what looks like Mr. Sumter's knee is exposed through a sheet with a hole in it. Carter tells Chen that Mr. Sumter slipped on his roof a few weeks ago. Chen adds, "No big deal at the time, but the pain kept getting worse, right?" Mr. Sumter agrees with that assessment and adds that it's really been bad the past couple of days. Chen says that it could be "a torn meniscus" or "an A.C.L." Carter rolls his eyes, not too subtly, and snaps, "I actually already told them that, Deb, but thank you!" She looks annoyed. The Sumters glance back and forth, clearly wishing not to get in the middle of this little spat. Carter calls for a syringe and an eighteen-gauge needle. Mrs. Sumter asks, "Won't that hurt?" Carter opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, Chen coos, "It should be fine. Dr. Carter is going to insert the needle into the joint space and aspirate the blood, which should relieve the pain almost immediately." Carter waits for her to finish and inserts the needle. Ow. This dude's knee is, like, purple. As a murky liquid fills the syringe, Mr. Sumter says, "That. Is gross." Heh. But he's right. Carter says, "Definitely bacterial." He regards the contents of the needle and comments that it looks like Mr. Sumter "picked up a bit of a staph infection" after his fall.

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