Family Matters

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Family Matters

After the credits, Chen and Carter hustle through the halls. She tells him she's surprised to see him "down here," since she was sure he'd get a surgical residency. For the benefit of less devoted viewers who don't get TNT as part of their cable packages, Carter tells her that he did, but that he gave it up. Mark comes up behind them and, recognizing her, says, "Deb Chen? You're the new resident?" She says hi, and adds, "It's Jing-Mei now. Actually, it always was." At the last part of this, she gently slaps Carter in the chest with her notepad. Maybe that's one I missed because I don't get TNT; did Carter give her the name "Deb"? If so, why did everyone else start calling her that too? Anyway, Mark tells Carter that he (Mark) may have to fly to San Diego in the afternoon, and asks that Carter show Chen "the ropes." Carter asks Mark if everything's all right, and Mark explains, "My father has barricaded himself in our old house. There's no heat, there's no electricity, he's running around in his underwear, so actually, everything isn't okay, but thanks for asking." Dammit -- heh. Seeming to take no notice of this monologue, Carter addresses Chen: "I'm actually pretty surprised to see you around here. I thought you dropped out of medicine after --" "I almost killed that patient by leaving a guide wire in his chest?" she finishes for him. Carter breezily says, "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up." Chen replies, "Oh, yes you did, John. But that's okay. And, let's face it -- it was kind of a low point. But it did force me to face the truth: I was being way too aggressive, way too competitive, way too much of an overachiever, always trying to show people up." Carter mutters, "Well..." and she adds, "And way too successful at it. I'd left the patient out of the picture." They arrive at Cassandra's bed, where Chen observes, "It looks like your wrestling partner tired herself out." Yosh introduces himself to Chen and tells Carter that Cassandra is doing "much better" after the Haldol. While Chen gloves up, Carter tells her that Cassandra came in with "intense pruritis" (which the Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines as "severe itching of the skin"), and that he's called for a psych consult. Yosh tells Carter that Dr. Myers will be down shortly. Chen nonchalantly asks, "You think it's a psychiatric disorder?" With conviction, Carter says, "I do, yes -- either severe OCD or a body dysmorphic disorder." Chen examines Cassandra's arm and points out "burrows" and "papules," leading her to a diagnosis of "Lindane toxicity. She's got body lice." Carter leans back. Yosh looks at Chen with marvel in his eyes. She continues, "She applied Lindane for the lice, scratched herself, and the Lindane entered her bloodstream, thereby causing her altered mental status. Buuuut, I guess we should wait for Dr. --?" Yosh says, "Myers. I'll give him a call." No doubt sensing that he's about to step back into a distasteful pattern, Carter huffs, "Right." Chen looks smug. You go with your smug self, Jing-Mei.

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