Family Matters

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Family Matters

Weaver and Dr. Dave walk out to her car. He tells her he was able to get it started; she thanks him. He spots Chen coming out of the ambulance bay with Carter, and comes over to ask how her first day was. She says she feels like she never left. Dr. Dave asks them if they want to get something to eat, and they both politely decline. I must say at this point that Chen is wearing a fuschia coat and a white wool tam that does her absolutely no favours. Dr. Dave asks her if she's working tomorrow; she says she is, and he says, "What a coincidence! So am I." As he heads back into the hospital, Carter asks whether he has to warn Chen about Dr. Dave, and she scoffs, "Please." He asks, "How was your first day?" She says she wishes she could have done more for Alyssa. He says, "At least you did something," and she says she guesses so. He asks why she came back, and she says it's because her program in New York closed. He says, "No, I mean, to medicine." She tells a story of being on the subway four months after she quit, when a man had a heart attack, and she realized she knew what to do, and saved his life. Then she figured she was "pretty good at this -- why waste it?" Carter says she hasn't changed, and calls her "Deb." She corrects him. They say their goodnights. Aw. Or something.

Prison ward. Elizabeth: "Morphine. A hundred milligrams injected into your bloodstream, and you simply drift away." Wing Chun: "Hey, just like my attention!" Rollins: "Is that an offer?" Wing Chun: "Say 'yes'!" Elizabeth: "You'd have to tell me where the body is." Rollins: "Why do you care so much?" Wing Chun: "I don't. Oh wait, you were talking to her. Carry on." Elizabeth: "Were you serious or not?" Rollins: "Won't you get into trouble? The Hippocratic Oath, and all?" Elizabeth: "You're worried about me, now, are you, Dean?" Rollins: "No. But I know you. As soon as you get what you want, you'll just -- you'll stop." Elizabeth: "I won't." Rollins: "But how will I know? Are you going to promise me, Dr. Corday?" Elizabeth: "Believe me, you'll know. You'll feel yourself going. I just hope you have breath enough to tell me." Rollins: "And what if I don't?" Elizabeth: "Then I'll crack open your chest and bring you back to life." Needle: "[Draws morphine from vial.]" Rollins: "Okay. Let's do it." Elizabeth: "Are you sure?" Rollins: "Yeah. Are you?" Elizabeth: "Nods." Rollins: "I'm glad it's you, Elizabeth." Needle: "[Injects liquid into tube of some kind.]" Credits: "[Appear.]" Wing Chun: "Cheque, please!"

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