Family Matters

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Family Matters

In a wood-paneled conference room, Detective Cruson is telling Romano that another case has come up -- a woman named Jenny Cordova who went missing six weeks ago. They found her car, and Dean Rollins's prints (those would be the prints of the rapist-murderer in Elizabeth's care) were on it. Romano makes his closest approximation of a "care" face, and clarifies with Detective Cruson that the police have yet to find Jenny's body. Elizabeth steps between them and asks, with some horror at the idea, "And you want me to ask him where it is?" Romano reminds her that, for better or worse, she's developed a relationship with Rollins, and that she's already talked Rollins into telling her where the other body was, and into having surgery: "This family needs you." Pack your bags, Lizzie -- you're going on a guilt trip! Elizabeth squares her jaw and stares off into space for a moment before turning back to Romano and spitting, "He's a cold-blooded son of a bitch. I don't think he'll tell me." Romano makes a disappointed face (and are we absolutely sure this guy isn't someone's mother?), so Elizabeth relents, angrily: "I'll ask, but I can tell you now, it's hopeless." Detective Cruson says, "Well, the Cordovas don't have any option, so 'hopeless' is better than nothing." Turns out it's an all-expense-paid package tour of the Guilt Islands, off the coast of the Emotional Blackmail Peninsula. Bon voyage!

In Curtain Two, John "Carter" Carter, assisted by Yosh, is treating a very agitated woman named Cassandra with restraints on her wrists and ankles from which she's apparently freed herself. Yosh asks Carter if he should administer "five of Haldol," while Cassandra insists, "I just itch!" Carter asks if she's seen a dermatologist, and she slides off the gurney and starts twitching down the hall, but Carter grabs her around the waist and wrestles her to the ground. ["Ah, so she's a blonde, then?" -- Sars] Yosh calls for Security, and a guard quickly appears to relieve Carter of the woman sitting on his chest. As he's lying on the floor, presumably to get his bearings, we see a pair of black-stocking-clad legs stroll up beside him and hear a woman's voice say, "John?" He says, "Oh my God," and as he gets up we get his perspective as the image of Deb "Mulan" Chen rights itself. She drawls, "Yeah, it's me." Yay!

Cue the credits, and the epileptic seizures. Ming-Na Wen is even in the opening credits, though it seems she's dropped the "Wen." I didn't know that. Anyway, cool! I always liked her.

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