Family Matters

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Family Matters

That scene choked me up. I'm not made of wood, people.

Elizabeth: "You wanted to see me?" Rollins: "Gasp. Choke. I'm sick." Elizabeth: "No more games. What do you want?" Rollins: "The games -- they're no fun anymore. Not even that last one. Dr. Corday, that day on the road, you should have let me die." Elizabeth: "Fucking duh." Rollins: "That's what I want." Wing Chun: "Me two." North America: "Me three."

Paramedics wheel in a girl on a backboard and tell Benton that she slipped down a fifteen-foot incline into a polar bear pit. Benton's like, "Huh?" and she explains that she's one of those damn scavenger hunters, and that they shouldn't call it "stupid" because she just won a thousand dollars. Benton says, "You also just broke both your ankles." The paramedic adds that she fractured her forearm, too. Benton asks Finch if she wants to take the patient and she replies, "No, I've done enough casting for one day." Smugly, Benton says, "Yep." Andrew scuttles up alongside the gurney and asks, "Will someone take this lady who burned her butt in the bathtub? She will not stop screaming for a doctor." The patient says, "You're not a doctor?" Andrew smiles and admits that he isn't. The patient starts whining for someone to get her a camera and that it's worth a thousand dollars. Walking past in time to hear the last part of the patient's plea, Weaver mutters, "Make her split it with us." She crutches up behind Luka, who's brooding in a trauma room. She tells him she heard what happened, and that she's sorry. He holds up a hand and says, "Don't apologize." Weaver says, "It may not always make sense to us, but when there's a difficult family situation, we call DCFS because they have expertise in this area; we have to defer to their judgment." "It may not always make sense to us"? You know, DCFS is just a government agency; it's not Solomon. Luka turns around and replies, simply, "You don't break up families." Weaver says, "Sometimes we do. It's complicated." Luka says, "No." Weaver is silenced (finally), and Luka goes on: "My wife and kids were taken." Weaver asks, "In the war?" No, in the Chuck E. Cheese. Appalled at her ignorance, he snaps, "Yeah. And then killed. You don't break up families." He walks off. She watches him go, probably feeling very, very small, as she really should.

Mark and Holling drink beer and eat pizza in Holling's empty house. Blah blah blah geriatricakes, Mark asks Holling to move in with him in Chicago, offering closer proximity to himself and Rachel as selling points. Um. Not. Holling reluctantly accepts. Do you see wacky intergenerational hijinx on the horizon? Because I don't.

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