Family Matters

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Family Matters

Finch comes into Tamara's room and asks if her parents left. Tamara says that they went to get the car, and explains that her basketball coach makes players sit on the bench if they can't play. Finch tells Tamara that she can play if she wants to. Tamara asks, "It's not broken?" Finch says she can't be absolutely sure, but that it probably isn't. Tamara looks annoyed, and asks (indicating her cast), "So I don't need this?" Finch says, "I was hoping it would slow you down a bit. But it's your choice." Tamara says that she can't slow down right now, and that things will get better once she gets through this season. Finch says, "You don't want to start resenting your talent. Don't let it get to that. Play for you." Tamara looks disgusted and says, "It's not that simple." Finch says, "I know. Promise you'll try?" Tamara nods. Finch fires up the saw. I need one of those for cutting that really crusty Italian bread.

On the phone in the lounge, Lucy repeats an address, and asks the person on the other end if he or she wants to speak to Dr. Kovac, but the answer is no, and she hangs up. She tells Luka that her landlord said yes; he owns a bunch of buildings, he's always looking for supers, and he'll interview Dylan the next morning. Luka shines the full wattage of his gorgeous, gorgeous smile on Lucy and thanks her, then asks what a super is. She tells him that a super collects rent and fixes things, and Luka says that if DCFS can see that Dylan is supporting Jake, they'll let the brothers stay together. As they're having this conversation, from far away a voice is audible yelling, "Dylan!" over and over again. Luka finally turns around to see Adele, with two police officers, dragging Jake down the hall and outside. Luka demands, "Where are you taking him?" No one answers. Dylan yells, ineffectively, that they should leave him alone. Jake starts kicking at his captors. Adele introduces herself to Luka and tells him they're taking Jake to an emergency intake centre. Dylan yells, "You ain't taking him nowhere, you bitch!" and sort of advances on her, causing one of the cops to push Dylan back. Luka yells that he isn't releasing Jake, and Adele insists that Jake has been neglected, and that it's her duty to protect his safety and his health. Dylan screams, "I never neglected him! He's my brother!" Luka says, "I'm getting [Dylan] a job. They'll be fine." Jake sort of moans through his gritted teeth and Dylan tells them, again, to let Jake go. D'Shawn tells Dylan to stay back. Adele says, again, that she has to put Jake in protective care. Seeing that it's not doing him any good to fight, Dylan says, "All right, just let me go with him." Quietly, D'Shawn says, "I'm sorry." Jake sobs, "Don't leave me!" as they hustle him to a waiting van, and Dylan calls after him, "Don't be scared, Jake! Don't be scared! I'm gonna be right behind you!" Adele hands Luka a paper to sign, and he does so bitterly, telling her he can't believe she's doing this, and that Jake and Dylan are all each other have. She says she knows, but that she has to go. In the van, Jake bangs his head against the window, still sobbing, "Don't leave me!" Dylan yells, "Don't be afraid!" After the van pulls away, he stands there looking lost, and Luka tells him not to worry, that they'll get Jake back.

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