Family Matters

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Family Matters

As his mom strokes his hair, Jason asks Dr. Dave, "That's why my chest has been hurting?" Dr. Dave tells him, "It's spread throughout your lungs." Jason says, "So, more chemo?" Dr. Dave says that's an option -- to try to shrink it -- "but..." Jason asks, "'But' what?" Dr. Dave says, "The cancer is surrounding your heart." Jason asks, "Am I going to be okay?" Dr. Dave says, "I don't think so." Weaver, unfortunately, chooses this moment to throw the door open and snap, "Dr. Malucci...did you leave something of mine in Trauma?" He snaps right back, "I'm busy." Realizing she's made a huge faux pas, she quietly apologizes and closes the door." Mrs. Bender hugs Jason. Dr. Dave looks sad. Ouch.

Somewhere warm and sunny, a "For Sale" sign lies on a lawn. Mark pounds on the front door, yelling, "Dad?" over and over until David "Holling" Greene, looking confused and possibly a little drunk, finally opens the door and says, "Oh, it's you." Mark holds up his key, and with forced cheer asks, " changed the locks?" Holling asks Mark what he's doing there, and Mark says he was worried about Holling, since no one could find him, and Holling wasn't answering the phone. Holling says that the "damn realtor" keeps calling, and that he doesn't know how many times he has to tell her that the house is off the market. Mark asks if he can come in. Holling steps aside, and Mark sarcastically asks if Holling wants to search him first. Dude, trust me -- no one wants to "search" you.

In the hall outside Jason's room, Luka asks Weaver, "Why did you hire me?" Weaver, alarmed, says, "What?" and Luka tells her that he's not just there to perform procedures: "I'm an experienced emergency physician; you have to trust my judgment." Hey, if this hospital isn't treating you right, I know a medical centre in Toronto that would give you a lot of leeway. Although, technically, it's not a medical centre -- it's my apartment. And I don't really mean it would give you a lot of "leeway," I meant I would give you a lot of...well, never mind. ["Hey, hey, hey -- give the single women a chance, will ya?" -- Sars] Weaver asks if it's "about that developmentally disabled boy," and Luka says, "Yes -- you called DCFS." Weaver says, "Yes; I thought we agreed you would," and that if he didn't intend to, he should have said so. Luka tells her that they left: "Your social worker scared them away." Weaver, surprised and possibly a little chastened, repeats, "They're gone?" Luka says that he convinced Dylan to come back so that Luka could try to help him, and that henceforth Weaver should let him handle it. She agrees.

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