Family Matters

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Family Matters

Chen and Carter give Weaver the lowdown on Alyssa's escape from the Homosexual Deprogramming Camp. Weaver asks if they've heard from Alyssa's parents. Chen says they haven't, and that Alyssa's not really pregnant. Drily, Weaver says, "I assumed that part," and checks to make sure neither Chen nor Carter wrote on Alyssa's chart that she was. (They didn't.) She tells them there's a Gay and Lesbian Centre on Wabash, suggests that Andrew call a cab to take Alyssa there, and that Chen or Carter then call Alyssa's parents. Chen thanks her, and Weaver adds that it's not cool to lie about your patient's medical condition. Carter smugly says, "It's her first day." Weaver gives him a "Cram it, Trust Fund" look, and he says he'd better get back to work. She agrees. Heh. As she crutches off to parts unknown, another JoyCam-wielding scavenger hunter asks if she's a doctor. Weaver says she is, and as the scavenger hunter asks to take her picture, and starts to explain why, Benton appears to ask Weaver who's cleaning auto parts in Trauma One. Weaver repeats, "Auto parts?" and then, understanding passing over her face, crutches off to kill Dr. Dave. The scavenger hunter turns to Benton and asks to take his picture. Benton says, "What? Go away." Go Benton! It's your birthday! Tamara's dad comes up to the desk to say, "I thought you said her wrist was all right." Benton says that it is -- it's just a little sore. Mr. Davis asks if she can play, and Benton says she can. Mr. Davis asks why, then, "the other doctor" is putting a cast on.

Benton and Mr. Davis come into Tamara's room, where Finch is, indeed, applying a cast to Tamara's arm. Benton and Finch greet each other coldly, and Mrs. Davis tells her husband that Tamara has "some kind of cult fracture" that's hard to see. Finch corrects her: "Occult. And yes, it can be hard to see. Radiology couldn't rule it out." Accusingly, Mr. Davis says to Benton, "I thought you said you looked at the x-ray." Benton says he did, and asks to see Finch alone. As she goes out, Mr. Davis leans in and says to Tamara, "I mean it feels okay, right? You think you can play?" She's going to dribble with a cast on her hand? Not. Tamara reluctantly says, "Sure," and Mrs. Davis says, "It's important that she plays [sic]." Finch calls out, "It's important that she stays [sic] healthy."

In the hall, Benton asks what Finch is doing, and reminds her that he told her parents she was fine. Finch says that she ran it past radiology and that they couldn't say for sure that it wasn't fractured. Benton says that Finch knows that the chances that Tamara's injured are small, and Finch says that Tamara is an athlete and might push herself too far. Benton says that, in that case, Finch should just tell her not to push herself too hard. Finch says that Tamara is under too much pressure, and that she needs a break. Again, I have to note that putting a cast on what is, if it's her shooting hand, probably also her writing hand, is only going to set Tamara further back. Benton asks if Tamara asked Finch to put a cast on her. Finch evasively says that Tamara is emotionally and physcially exhausted. Benton tells Finch that Tamara could always decide not to play, and Finch projects all over Tamara by saying that Tamara hasn't made a decision for herself since she was eleven, and that everything she does revolves around pleasing her parents, her coach, and her teachers. This way, Tamara will get a rest. Benton asks again whether Tamara asked Finch to put a cast on her, and Finch says, "She can't." Benton surmises that Finch is therefore "controlling" Tamara, and Finch argues that she's protecting her. Benton says, "I'm sure that's what her parents thought they were doing, too." Finch, I see what you're trying to do, but you totally are projecting. I'm just sayin'.

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