Family Matters

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Family Matters

Prison ward. Rollins: "Cough." Elizabeth: "This is Lindsay Cordova." Rollins: "I'd shake hands, but..." Lindsay: "I want to bury my sister." Rollins: "Were you close to her?...I didn't have brothers or sisters." Elizabeth: "Oh, here we fucking go." Rollins: "All my life, I've never known what that was like -- to be part of a family. Boo hoo! Cough! I have done terrible, evil things, Lindsay. I'm paying for them now." Lindsay: "We don't want you to suffer. We just want to know where Jenny is." Rollins: "You're a good person -- more forgiving than most people. If I had met you, Jenny would still be alive." Lindsay: "What do you mean?" Rollins: "If only I had met you, Lindsay." Elizabeth: "Why, WHY did I agree to this?" Rollins: "You're warm. And loving." Elizabeth: "Goddamnit!" Rollins: "If only I'd met you, I could have had you instead." Lindsay: "What?!" Rollins: "Jenny screamed all the time. I was glad to get rid of her, Lindsay!" Elizabeth: "You bastard!" Rollins: "Hey, what's her problem?" Okay, hands up, everyone who didn't see that coming up Dearborn Street. What's that? Only those of you who have never seen a movie, watched TV, or read a book in your lives? Thought so.

Dr. Dave tells Luka that he pulled Jason's file and learned that Jason had lymphoma two years ago, and that chemo put it in remission. Luka asks if Mrs. Bender didn't mention cancer, and Dr. Dave says that she told him she must have blocked it out of her mind, and that it never affected Jason's breathing before. Luka asks whether Dr. Dave plans to do a thoracentesis. Dr. Dave says he will as soon as Mrs. Bender finds a way to tell Jason, and that she says she can't. Luka says, "Then you should." Dr. Dave says he paged oncology, but Luka insists that Dr. Dave should, since he's Jason's doctor. Dr. Dave looks disappointed.

Outside the hospital, Jake and Dylan are walking quickly, with their heads down, pretty clearly trying to "act casual." Luka comes up behind them and asks Dylan where they're going. Dylan tells Luka, "It's not your problem." Luka reminds Dylan that Jake needs a tetanus shot, and Dylan replies, "Sure he does." Luka says he doesn't understand why they're leaving, and Jake asks the same thing. Dylan tells Jake, "He gave us up." Luka and Jake are both confused, and Dylan says, "You called a social worker." Luka insists that he didn't, but Dylan doesn't believe that she just stops by "to visit all the retards." Jake pushes Dylan away and says, "I'm not a retard," and Dylan immediately apologizes and puts his arm back around Jake. Luka swears he didn't call anyone, but that they do need help. Dylan tells Luka he's got everything under control. Luka replies, "He doesn't go to school. You have no job, no money, God knows where you live -- yes, you've got everything under control." Dylan says, "We get by," and Luka agrees that they do, "but sometimes not very well." Luka gently asks Dylan to let Luka help them. Dude, if they don't want your "help," I'll take it, if you know what I'm saying. And I think you do. Awww yeah. Bun-chicka-wah-wah.

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