Family Matters

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Family Matters

At the desk, Chen is filling Carter in about the Gay-No-More clinic to which Alyssa's parents committed her; it seems Mr. and Mrs. Adams even granted the clinic guardianship. Carter tells Chen to get Alyssa out of the hospital before her parents (or a representative from the clinic) gets there. Chen sighs and says she didn't tell Alyssa that she called her parents, and she doesn't want Alyssa to bolt. Wearily, Carter says, "Call Social Services," and Chen asks what they could do, since the clinic is assumedly legal. Carter tells Chen not to assume that, and Haleh comes up behind them to tell Chen they have "a situation."

Alyssa is back in her bed, screaming at, and fighting off, some guy who's trying to get her dressed. Chen tells Haleh to call Security. The guy says there's no need for that, since he's Alyssa's legal guardian. At Chen, Alyssa spits, "You called my parents?! You bitch!" The clinic guy introduces himself as Dr. Ramsay, "Principal of the Second Term Treatment Centre." "Second Term," Carter repeats suspiciously. Dr. Ramsay says that Alyssa's parents called him to pick Alyssa up. Chen says that they can't allow that. Dr. Ramsay says that he has temporary custody, and Carter says that Alyssa can't be released, because they need to conduct further tests. Dr. Ramsay asks what kind of tests they need to perform, and Chen blurts, "She's pregnant." Dr. Ramsay, obviously, is unconvinced. Chen says that lab tests prove it, and Dr. Ramsay wryly replies, "I bet." Carter says that, unfortunately for Dr. Ramsay, this means that Alyssa is now an emancipated minor, and that she may decide where she wants to go. Is that true? If you get pregnant, are you considered an emancipated minor? Dr. Ramsay says that he doesn't know what Alyssa has told them about the centre, but "this is a load of bunk, and frankly an obstruction of parental rights." Chen asks Alyssa what she wants to do, and Alyssa says she wants to stay at County, duh. Dr. Ramsay says, "We all know she can't be pregnant." Carter says, "Alyssa is a healthy young woman of childbearing age; you might talk to some of the male members of your staff." Dr. Ramsay says that he wants to see the lab report, and Chen says that medical records are confidential. Dr. Ramsay reminds Chen that she just told him Alyssa's pregnant, and she says, "You're right; I shouldn't have." Dr. Ramsay says he'll be back with a court order, and adds, "I'll be praying for you, Alyssa," and she yells, "Don't bother!"

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