Family Matters

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Family Matters

Behind the desk, a very anxious Alyssa is harassing Andrew: "The doctor -- she was Chinese -- or the nurse -- she was black...I need to speak to them right now!" Andrew tries to calm her down and get her back to her room, but this only makes Alyssa more frantic as she asks for some clothes out of the lost and found so that she can leave. Chen, hearing this exchange, says, "Alyssa, what's wrong?" Alyssa, shocked, squeaks, "What did you call me?" and then, not caring to wait for the answer, takes off, batting Chen's hands away from her and saying, "You stole my clothes, and you stole my coat. You're trying to trick me, just like they did!" Chen protests that they didn't steal anything, and that Alyssa can't go anywhere until Chen sews up Alyssa's laceration. She concludes by begging Alyssa to let Chen help her. Alyssa looks like she's about to cry, and yells, "You can't, okay?" Chen assures Alyssa that she's safe at County, and asks Alyssa who tricked her -- was it her parents? Alyssa said they tricked her into the treatment centre from which she ran away. Chen asks her if it was a drug treatment centre, and Alyssa says it was a centre for modifying "gender identity." Chen doesn't know what she means, and Alyssa says, "My parents sent me away because they think I'm sick and confused. I keep telling them, 'Mom, Dad, get over it! All I am is gay.'" Alyssa, dude. Your parents suck. You go with your gay self.

In a waiting room, Elizabeth is enjoying a Mai Tai with a twist of guilt, telling Jenny's sister, "Ultimately, it's your own decision." Jenny's sister: "Mom, I can do it." Mrs. Cordova: "I don't want you near him." Cruson: "I'll be right outside, and Rollins is still in restraints." Elizabeth: "Since the accident, he can't get out of bed. He can't hurt anyone." Mrs. Cordova: "He killed my daughter." Jenny's sister: "Sob!" Elizabeth: "Right now you have nothing to lose. If Lindsay asks him, I think he might tell her where Jenny is." Mrs. Cordova: "What if he doesn't?" Cruson: "We may never find her." Lindsay: "I have to know." Elizabeth: "I'll be in there with her." Jenny's mom: "[Indecision!]" Wing Chun: "Oh, for the love of Pete." Plausibility: "If you'll excuse me, Mrs. Cordova, I'm just going to jump out this window here." Elizabeth: "Waiter, a round of guiltinis for my friends here -- extra olives!"

Dr. Dave takes a scalpel to a couple of spark plugs. Lucy "Fuck You, Sars -- I'm NEVER Putting My Hair Up!" Knight has something she wants him to look at. He complains that he got Weaver's car started, but that these spark plugs are "ridiculous," and that he never should have offered to help Weaver with her car. Whatever. She tells him again that she wants him to look at these films, and he says he will when he's done with the spark plugs. Professional! She says they're Jason's x-rays, and Dr. Dave asks since when she pulls his films. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Lucy tells him that radiology flagged it. Long story short, Jason seems to have lymphoma, which Dr. Dave deduces is the reason the EKG showed low voltage. It's spread to both his lungs. Jason has inoperable cancer. I think that kind of trumps the "ridiculous" spark plugs, dude.

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