Family Matters

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Family Matters

Elizabeth: "The cops know you had something to do with Jenny Cordova. Her family is here and they want to know where she is." Rollins: "Gasp. Choke. I'm the knife on the edge of the world, blah blah blah murdercakes." Elizabeth: "Will you tell them where she is?" Rollins: "Wheeze. I don't recall this girl." Elizabeth: "You've already been charged with murder. Why cause more needless grief?" Rollins: "'Needless grief' is what I do best." Elizabeth: "Fine. Bye." Rollins: "Wait! I'm not finished playing mind games with you yet! If I talk, will you still be my doctor?" Elizabeth: "Yes." Rollins: "Okay. But I'll only tell the sister." Elizabeth: "I don't think they'll allow that. Tell me." Rollins: "No. I want to do it, but I don't want to have to look at the mother." What follows, in this plot line, is so preposterous that I can't even believe I have to recap it. But I will. Under protest.

Dr. Dave examines Jason, asking him how long he's been short of breath. He asks Jason's mother whether Jason's had a fever. She says he had a mild one, and that she thought it was just a cold. Dr. Dave asks Jason if he's been tired lately, and he says that he has, since he has to get up at 5 AM every day, for hockey practice. Dr. Dave tells Mrs. Bender that Jason probably has pneumonia. Jason asks if that's bad, and Dr. Dave says they call it "walking pneumonia," because Jason's "such a tough guy, it doesn't stop [him] from playing hockey." Yosh gives him a printout from the EKG, and says he's seeing low voltage on all leads, but an otherwise normal EKG. Dr. Dave opines that the machine is "total bull," and asks Yosh to get another one. In the meantime, he says they'll start Jason on some antibiotics and get him a chest x-ray. On his way out, he asks Jason what his favourite hockey team is, and shoots him some good-natured attitude when Jason says it's the Bruins.

In the hall, Dr. Dave walks past Weaver and Adele. Weaver asks Adele whether she was able to help Dylan and Jake. Adele expresses confusion, since she clearly hasn't seen them, so Weaver says that Adele should assess them. Adele says she'll be around. Weaver runs into Benton in the hall and tells him there's a "rule-out appy in four," and that she knows it's not trauma, but Mark's off. Benton mutters that he'll take it, and goes back to checking out Tamara's wrist x-ray with Finch. Benton says he thinks it looks fine. Finch argues that "scaphoid fractures can be hard to see." Benton dismissively replies, "That's why we have multiple views." Finch looks annoyed. Benton adds that he "wasn't impressed with her exam," but that he thinks they should discharge her and have her come back next week. Finch tells him he should tell Tamara's parents that, and that Finch herself will tell Tamara -- which she does, immediately. With some disappointed surprise, Tamara says, "Oh...really? So, does that mean I can play tonight?" Finch says that she can, if she feels up to it. Tamara is quiet for a moment, then starts to cry. Finch sits down on her bed and asks what's wrong. Tamara blurts, "I have a Chemistry exam I'm about to flunk, and all I do is practice -- three mornings a week, every day after school...I love it, you know. I really do. I'm just tired right now." Finch rather kindly suggests that Tamara "hang out here for a while," during which time Finch will take Tamara's films back to the radiologist. Tamara says she thought Finch said there was no fracture, and Finch says she'd rather get an expert's opinion. Tamara smiles. I don't want to be a downer, and I'm all for Tamara's not playing tonight if she has a big test she thinks she's going to fail, but I don't see how lying in a hospital bed not studying is going to help her; it's just going to mean she loses another day of studying. Wouldn't it be better for Finch to tell her to go home and rest (so that she doesn't even have to make an appearance at the game), so that she could spend the night resting her hand and studying? I'm just saying.

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