Family Matters

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Family Matters

Romano. Elizabeth. Romano: "Cruson couldn't get Rollins to talk." Elizabeth: "I'm shocked. Not." Romano: "Maybe you could try again." Elizabeth: "I already tried, unsuccessfully, and anyway he wants another doctor." Romano: "I think you should try to talk him out of that too." Elizabeth: "I don't want to talk to him ever again." They stop at a glass door, on the other side of which Elizabeth deduces are "the Cordovas." Romano: "Jenny was only nineteen." Elizabeth: "I see it's going to be a two-week guilt trip, including scuba diving near the Great Manipulation Reef." Romano: "Word." Elizabeth: "Fuck."

Out in the ambulance bay, Dr. Dave continues to tinker with Weaver's car as an ambulance pulls up carrying Jason Bender, eleven years old, who experienced a shortness of breath during Phys. Ed., and also complained of pain in the upper left chest. As the paramedics pull his gurney out of the ambulance, Jason tells Dr. Dave that he got hit in the chest with a hockey stick. Dr. Dave tells him that he gets hit with hockey sticks all the time, though usually in the head. No shit. The paramedic, whose name I forget, asks Dr. Dave, "Is that why you're trying to take a car apart in the snow?" Dr. Dave ignores him and tells Jason they're going to fix him up.

Weaver and Luka walk down the hall. Weaver asks Luka about the boy who broke the light box, and Luka tells her he's all right. Weaver, none too subtly fishing, nonchalantly asks, "He lives with his...older brother? Right? There's no parents?" Luka confirms this bit of information. Weaver asks whether Luka has called DCFS, which I assume stands for the Department of Children and Family Services. Luka opines that Dylan needs a job more than he needs Social Services. Weaver asks whether either boy is in school, and Luka admits that they move around a lot. Weaver tells him that they see a lot of kids like this, and that "it's rough" (which, although she doesn't elaborate, I assume refers to their being put in the care of Social Services), but that if they get an education, they have "some kind of chance at a future." Luka's face is all, "We don't need your thought control," but when Weaver tells him again to call DCFS, he says, "Sure." They arrive behind the desk just as Chen is on the phone saying, "Mrs. Adams? This is Dr. Chen from County General. I'm calling about your daughter Alyssa." The focus then cuts to Andrew, holding the receiver of another phone against his chest, and asking Weaver where he should direct a call to Carol Hathaway. Weaver explains that she's on maternity leave for another week. Woohoo! That means Sars gets to recap St. Carol's triumphal return to the heavenly host. Since no further details are supplied about this call, I'm going to assume that it's Doug (since that name would mean nothing to Andrew) and that this is the first he will have heard about the fact that Carol had her babies. But that's just a theory. Another couple of scavenger hunters come in and take another picture of an obliging Andrew.

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