Family Matters

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Family Matters

Finch pushes a wheelchair into Tamara's room and tells her that they're still waiting for her x-rays, but in the meantime they're going to move her to another room. Finch asks where she was going when her car hit the telephone pole. Tamara says she was on her way to school, and supposes that she fell asleep at the wheel. "At nine in the morning?" Finch asks. Tamara explains that she pulled an all-nighter because she had a Chemistry midterm that day. "School pretty tough?" Finch asks. "Sometimes," Tamara admits. Finch asks if Tamara ever gets depressed about it. Tamara replies, "Wouldn't you if you were getting a C-minus in Chemistry?" Finch says, "I'm not programmed to feel human emotions," and, turning the conversation back to Tamara, asks if she was "depressed enough to do something about it." Tamara expresses shock that Finch could even consider Tamara might have driven into the telephone pole on purpose, "like suicide or something." Finch says, "Did you?" Tamara says, "God, no! My parents would kill me if I ever did anything like that -- not to mention my coach. Especially today." Finch says, "That's right. Basketball game tonight." Tamara explains that tonight's game is against Union, which Tamara's school "hasn't beaten in, like, three years, except this year they suck and we're good." Finch remarks, "I used to shoot a few myself." Tamara makes a "yeah, right" face and asks, "You played?" Finch says she played basketball in high school and college, although "track was my thing." Tamara says that she runs track in the summer, the 100 and the four-by-one. Finch says she was a long-distance runner. At this point, Tamara's parents enter, looking relieved that she's okay. Finch introduces herself. Tamara's mom asks if Tamara's going to be all right, and her dad asks, "Will she be able to play tonight?" Damn. Finch tells them they're still waiting for the x-rays, and that she'll check back. Finch heads out, but stops at the door as Tamara's dad tells Tamara that they talked to her coach, and that he promised to keep her on the roster until he hears from them again. Tamara protests that she can talk to him. Her mom tells her that she's going to see about whether Tamara can take Chemistry in summer school. Wow, I remember when my parents were putting that much pressure on me, back when I was a star basketball player in high school. Not. I did almost have to re-take a class in summer school though. That class was Gym. Which I failed. But enough about me.

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