Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Shane and Neela are still working on Shelley and her stab wounds. Abby bursts in and asks Shane if he ever followed up with Social Services on Bertie and Rebecca's case. Shane is kind of confused as to why Abby is bringing this up now, in the middle of a trauma, and Abby explains that Bertie stabbed Shelley because Shelley was trying to strangle Rebecca. Shane says that he called Social Services, but that he can't follow them around all day. Shelley loses her pulse, so they start compressions and the conversation gets interrupted. Shane asks if Shelley has a cardiac history and Abby snipes, "You're the only one that's ever met her."

Carter stands at the foot of Ma Kem's hospital bed as she laughs with Kem and Michel. Ma Kem notices Carter there and asks Kem and Michel to get her some lunch. Kem and Michel leave. Ma Kem thanks Carter for her flowers, and he walks up to her bedside. Ma Kem says that Michel is handsome, but something of a fool. Carter doesn't comment. Ma Kem asks when Carter is going home, and Carter says he's leaving that night. Ma Kem thinks he's giving up too easily, and Carter says he was "rather firmly discouraged from continuing to try." Ma Kem sighs and says that life is "joy and grief hand in hand." She notices her husband's bracelet on Carter's wrist and says that you can't have true happiness until you have true sorrow for contrast, and Kem hasn't had that yet. Kem walks back in and tells her mother to leave Carter alone.

Pratt uses a rib spreader to open Shelley's chest, with the expectation that she's bleeding internally due to the angle of the stab wound. But there's no blood. Pratt tells Neela to hold compressions as he checks Shelley's heart. He reports that the coronary artery is full of air, and disgustedly calls the time of death. Neela asks how Shelley got so much air in her artery, and Pratt says that no air should have entered, due to the dressing. Shane admits that he took the dressing off to explore the neck before she was intubated. Jake interrupts the drama to tell Abby that her emphysema guy is coding, and Abby takes off. Shane tries to explain his error, but Pratt can't listen to it, and walks off.

Susan is on the phone, yelling at someone about the "literal crap pouring out of [her] ceiling." Abby and Jake start to work on the emphysema patient. Abby intubates. Pratt walks up and Abby tells him what happened. Pratt joins the crowd working on the patient.

Neela walks in and checks on Rebecca. Bertie cries that she didn't mean to hurt Shelley, and just wanted her to leave Rebecca alone. Rebecca asks if Shelley suffered. Neela says that she didn't. Bertie says that she didn't mean to kill her, and that she and Rebecca loved her.

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