Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Abby and Jake take on an elderly man with emphysema who is having trouble breathing. The man reports that he stopped smoking five years ago. Jake helps the man into a bed while he tells Abby that he was thinking of ranking County as his first choice. Abby is surprised that Jake wants to stay in Chicago. Jake says that his friends and family are all there. Abby orders Albuterol for her patient, and then asks Jake about San Francisco. Jake thinks that County has a lot to offer, and they smile at each other. Chuny tells Abby that Bertie and Rebecca are back. Abby places her orders and asks Jake if they can talk about his decision later. Jake agrees.

Abby finds Bertie and Rebecca and asks why they're back. Turns out that Rebecca was strangled. Abby lectures that it's too dangerous for them to be on the streets. Rebecca says that Bertie saved her life by stabbing her assailant. Abby is shocked. Bertie says she had to, and asks if she'll be all right. Abby thinks she's talking about Rebecca, and says that she seems stable. Bertie clarifies that she was talking about their niece, Shelley. It seems that Shelley is the stabbing victim. I thought it was going to turn out that Bertie and Rebecca were crazy, but that's not it.

Kem and Carter walk along the water as Kem talks about her childhood in Paris. Carter thinks it sounds idyllic, and wonders why Kem's family left. Kem says that her white mother and black father had a hard time. Carter mentions that their baby would be a year old now. Kem is silent, and then says that she's going to head back to the hospital. Carter just nods, and they walk along, until he grabs her arm kind of roughly and stops her. He asks urgently, "What are we doing? What are we doing? I still love you and I know you still love me. We talk to each other on the phone for hours every day. We tell each other absolutely everything about our lives. I make you happy. I make you laugh." Kem says that she tried living in Chicago, and that it didn't work out. Carter says that they don't have to live in Chicago. Kem points out that his life and career are there. Carter says that he would give it up for her. Kem says that she doesn't want him to. Carter, in his best doctor voice, says, "Kem, we had a baby, and he died. It's a tragedy that happens to people and it happened to us. But it doesn't have to define us. It doesn't. We're stronger than that. Aren't we?" Kem starts crying and says she can't. Carter says that they can have another baby. Kem starts sobbing and tells him to stop, and then says that she's sorry. Kem gathers herself together and asks Carter if he's going to come to the hospital so her mother can say goodbye. Carter looks pained and confused, but he walks off with Kem.

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