Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Kem and Carter run to get on a train. Carter wonders what's going on, and Kem tells him to be patient. They play the game where you look at strangers and make up stories about their lives. I love that game. Although Kem's stories are kind of depressing, and always seem to involve someone dead or dying. Carter asks if he and Kem have a story. Kem doesn't answer, and tells Carter to close his eyes and wait. The train comes out of a tunnel, and Carter sees the sun coming up and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Back in Chicago, it's Wednesday morning. Neela stands outside the hospital, staring at the entrance. Abby walks up and asks what Neela is doing. Neela is deciding if she's sick, because Pratt is working. Jake walks up and hands Abby a pastry, and then asks what they're doing. Abby says that Neela is trying to decide whether she should go to work, and explains what happened with Pratt. Jake is impressed, but needs to go inside and get to work. Abby follows. Neela hops out of the way to avoid getting hit by an ambulance, then starts to follow them inside.

Morris is trying to convince Susan to paint his office, but she's so not interested. Susan tells Pratt to handle a stabbing victim, and passes off a nine-year-old kid who was in a car accident to Luka. Sam reluctantly follows Luka to the trauma.

Shane and Neela work on the stabbing victim. Shane removes her neck dressing to reveal a deep wound. Neela thinks they should intubate first. Neela moves to intubate while Shane examines the wound and realizes that the jugular was hit. Bertie and Rebecca are watching from the next room. Pratt runs in, and Shane explains what's going on. Pratt looks proud as Shane and Neela continue working, and says that there might be hope for them after all.

Carter and Kem sit at an outdoor café. Kem congratulates Carter on tenure, and Carter tells her that Susan didn't get it, and is pretty pissed. Carter watches Kem and laughs because she has a lot of jam on her face. He wipes it off. A little anvil...I mean, "girl" walks up and says hello. Carter and Kem talk to her, but she's silent. Her mother walks up and pulls the little girl away, apologizing. Kem and Carter don't talk about what's on their minds, and it starts with bay, and ends with aby.

Jake finds Abby and says he needs some advice about his future job prospects, but Abby is really busy. A patient points out that there's more poop leaking from the ceiling. Jake and Abby move the patient and move on. Abby tells Susan that they have "code brown, dripping from the ceiling." Susan is pissed, and yells that they are closing to trauma until someone deals with "the raw sewage leaking from the ceiling." Should she be yelling that? Again, lawsuit.

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