Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Carter walks out of the hospital. Kem chases him down and asks where he's going. Carter says that the whole scene was awkward, so he's headed back to the airport. Kem says that she went to school with Michel, and that he's fond her her mother. Carter asks if they're a couple. Kem says that they were. Carter asks if Michel knows it's in the past. Kem asks if Carter is jealous, and he admits that he is. Kem laughs at him, and Carter tells her not to. Carter asks if she and Michel are sleeping together, but then tells Kem not to answer that. Kem asks if Carter has been dating. Good point, Kem. Carter doesn't answer the question (Answer the question, Claire!) and instead starts trying to hail a taxi. Carter says that he's tired, he's sorry for barging in on them, and he feels ridiculous. Kem thinks it was sweet of him to come. Carter asks Kem to call him when she gets home. Carter finally gets what he wants when Kem asks him to stay, at least for one night.

Back at County, Neela is working on the umbilical line. Pratt busts in and asks what she's doing, all angry. Neela thought it was their best option at access, but Pratt says they could have just reinserted his IV. Neela starts to doubt herself, and the mother asks if Neela screwed up. Pratt doesn't answer. Way to set yourself up for a lawsuit, dude. And why is Neela suddenly the new Morris?

Kem drops Carter off at his hotel and promises to meet him for breakfast the next day. Carter bitterly asks if Michel (who is driving the car but apparently doesn't speak any English) will be at breakfast too. Kem ignores his childish behavior and tells him to have a good night. Carter watches Kem drive off with Michel.

Pratt has finally caught his snap and pulled Neela outside to tell her how much she sucks, instead of doing it in front of the baby's mom. He details all of the things that can go wrong when doing an umbilical line. Neela tries to say that she did a bunch of them on her neonatology rotation, and Pratt points out that that was two years ago. Neela reminds Pratt that he told her to take more initiative, and Pratt tells her to try using common sense. He yells at her to know when to ask for help. Neela's face falls, and Pratt is disgusted that she's crying. He yells at her to start using her head. Neela walks off, still crying.

Carter wakes up before daybreak in his Paris hotel room, because his phone is ringing. It's Kem, telling him to get up.

Moments later, Carter stands outside on the street. Kem pulls up in her little car and says she wants to show Carter something. He asks if it involves coffee, and Kem says that everything in Paris involves coffee. I'm so moving to Paris. Carter gets into the car and Kem peels out.

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