Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Pratt waits outside for a septic newborn to arrive by ambulance. Neela joins him, and Pratt berates her for not knowing her antibiotics by now, as she proved during the scalping trauma yesterday. Where is this coming from? Neela has always been book-smart, so it's a little weird that suddenly she doesn't know stuff she could learn from a book. The paramedics deliver a newborn into Neela's arms. Well, not deliver, but you know what I mean. The mother hops out and says that the fever started this morning, and that she thought it was just the flu. The paramedic tells Neela that they had a line in the baby's hand, but that it blew out.

In Paris, Carter takes his bags out of the taxi's trunk and slowly walks into a hospital. Inside, he wanders down a hallway looking exhausted. He finds a desk with no one sitting behind it. He sees a nurse and asks if she speaks English. She doesn't. Carter uses his weak French skills to find out that Kem's mom is down the hall.

Carter finds the correct room, but Kem isn't there. Her bag is, though. He checks Ma Kem's IV bags to see what meds she's on. Ma Kem is asleep in the bed. Carter walks back out into the hall, and Kem calls out to him. They kiss hello; she asks what he's doing there, and says he should have told her he was coming. Oh. That's a bad sign. Carter asks how Ma Kem is doing, and says he couldn't tell which antibiotics she's on. Kem says she's not on any, because it's viral meningitis. Carter rolls his eyes and realizes that Ma Kem is okay, and that it's not that serious. A dude named Michel walks up, and Kem introduces him as "an old friend." Carter feels like a douche.

Pratt and Neela work on the newborn. Neela intubates while Pratt puts in an IV. Neela rattles off the medicine she plans to administer, and Pratt approves. Malik (Malik! Where have you been lately?) runs in and tells Pratt that another patient is crashing. Pratt promises to return quickly. Neela tells the baby's mother that they suspect an infection, so they're giving her medicine and hooking her up to a respirator. Chuny reports that the IV line is infiltrated and won't flush. Neela asks how old the baby is, and the mother says she's eight days old. Neela notes that the umbilical stump is still attached, and decides to put in an umbilical line. Have I mentioned how much belly buttons freak me out? Chuny looks worried about Neela's plan, but doesn't say anything.

Jerry tells Pratt that KJ is kind of just sitting around and doesn't seem very interested. Pratt says that KJ isn't interested. Jerry asks why he would volunteer, then, and Pratt syas that it's community service. Jerry asks what the crime was, and Pratt lies that it was second-degree murder. Morris freaks out, and Pratt admits that KJ tried to tag a police car, while the cop was inside. Wow. Maybe he deserves to go to jail. Stupid people jail. Abby brings in an x-ray to show Pratt that a six-year-old ate a huge tub of popcorn by himself. Pratt isn't interested. Abby stomps off, and Morris asks if they'll be ready to supervise interns in a few weeks. Pratt thinks there's no chance.

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