Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

In the hospital, Abby asks why every kid named Destiny, Miracle, or Faith ends up with leukemia. Carter checks a chart and gives instructions. Frank tells Carter that he got a call from his "Kenyan love nest." Carter says that it's the Congo, and that he knows Frank knows that. Frank jokes that it's all "mosquitoes the size of toasters." He adds that Kem sounded kind of upset. A janitor puts a bucket on the floor to catch the raw sewage dripping from the ceiling, and says it'll only be another hour or so. Abby jokes that when the bucket's full, they can just toss it out in the street "like [they] do the chamber pots." It was mostly the delivery, but that was a funny line. Then again, I'm five so I think poop is always funny. Carter calls Kem and gets Charles. Morris walks by and tells Frank to move some boxes out of his new office. Carter is apparently getting bad news from Charles, as he asks worriedly, "What happened?"

Susan asks Shane why he's still working there, taking up a slot someone else could have. Shane asks if Susan thinks he's a bad doctor. Susan says Shane could be good, but that he's a clock-watcher. She suggests that he take his degree and go work somewhere else, since he's just doing it to make a living and support his music. Shane doesn't answer. Susan tells him not to sign the contract unless he's sure this is what he wants to do. Shane sighs.

Carter puts on his overcoat. Abby pops into the lounge and asks if everything's okay. Carter says that Kem's mother, who lives in Paris, is in the hospital. That's about all Carter knows. He busts out of the lounge and tells Frank to inform Susan that he had to go, and thathe'll call from the airport. No wonder this hospital has low patient scores. Apparently, people can just leave whenever.

Sam and Luka walk out of the therapist's office. Luka is talking about running errands. He says that he's going to stop by Home Depot and find a new towel bar to replace the one Alex pulled down. Sam realizes that, in Luka's mind, nothing has changed and the therapy had no effect, so she storms off and refuses to talk to him. Immature, yes, but I get where she's coming from. Luka is totally bewildered by Sam's behavior.

Carter is in Paris, riding in the back of a taxi. That's the whole scene.

It's Tuesday morning in the hospital. Susan explains to Luka that Kem's mother has meningitis, which she contracted because her immune system has been weakened by chemo. Neela and Abby complain to Morris about their new work schedules. As Morris and Shane bond over their upcoming trip to see the Cubs play, Neela points out that Shane has every weekend off. Abby asks if Shane bribed Morris for a good schedule. Morris denies it, and then says that he'd love to go see U2 but he couldn't get tickets. Neela turns to complain to Susan, but she just sighs and says that Morris is the Chief. She walks over to Luka, who asks if they could make Abby Chief Resident. Susan says that Morris is "a paperwork hound," plus his new job keeps him from seeing patients. Sam walks up and writes something on the board, and then walks away without even glancing at Luka. Weren't they supposed to work different shifts if they can't get along? Jerry notices the cold shoulder and recommends that Luka buy flowers. Pratt shows up with KJ, and introduces him to Jerry as their new volunteer. He suggests that KJ run some specimens up to the lab. KJ is grossed out by the idea of blood, urine, and stool specimens. Pratt tells him he can leave if he doesn't like it.

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