Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

In the hospital, something really gross and brown drips from the ceiling onto a patient's chest. The patient freaks out and says it smells like crap. He smells it and says that it is crap. Abby and Neela move his bed, and Neela says that it must be his DTs kicking in. The patient screams at some paramedics wheeling in a patient that they should leave and go to Mercy instead. Abby pulls a curtain shut around the yelling guy. Neela asks if Jake is in Philadelphia, and Abby says he's at Tulane. Neela asks about San Francisco, and Abby says that was a few weeks ago. Abby reports the dripping crap to Frank. Neela asks what's up with Carter getting tenure and Susan getting denied. Morris walks though and says, "Bada bing. Show me the green." Frank says that Carter's "African love" is on the phone, and Neela says he's still working on the guy who got scalped, so Frank takes a message. Neela asks the room in general if you get tenure based on how much money you bring in. Neela is just learning this? Shane says that Carter is building a new wing for the hospital. Chuny calls out that Susan is a highly-qualified woman and Carter is a well-liked man. Frank says, "Oh, put your bra back on, Gloria Steinem. Carter's been here ten years. Lewis split and then came back." I don't usually like Frank's sexist and racist garbage, but that was pretty funny. And also, have the writers been reading the forums, because I swear the posters had this same conversation last week. Morris tells everyone to cheese it because Susan is heading their way. Susan walks through and asks Shane to talk to her about his contract. Shane follows her out.

Pratt is talking to Darnell about KJ working in the hospital. Apparently, KJ needs to do community-service hours because he got busted for "tagging" and "he had some weed on him too." Pratt sighs, and Darnell says that they did a lot worse when they were kids, but never got caught. Pratt says that he's "just a hired hand," so it's not his decision. Darnell asks if Pratt will ask, and Pratt agrees.

Back in the therapist's office, Sam is saying she doesn't think having another kid would be fair to Alex. Luka thinks Alex would like to have a family. Since we last saw them, Sam and Luka have moved about two more feet apart, and are now sitting as far from each other as they can while still being on the same couch. The therapist tries to bring up how complex it can be adding a child to a blended family. Sam bitches that she didn't even want to have Alex. I'm sure that attitude has nothing to do with Alex's problems or anything. Sam tells the therapist that she was fifteen. Luka says she's not anymore. Sam goes for the low blow and asks, "After what happened to your wife and kids, you really want to bring another baby into this world?" Luka shoots her a look like, "Back off the dead family, sister." The therapist asks what they're talking about, and Luka won't speak. Sam points out that if Luka were happy, he could talk about it. Luka says quickly that he had a wife and kids, but that they were killed years ago, and he doesn't see the point in talking about it. Sam says it's a huge part of who Luka is, and he won't let her in. Maybe it's because I'm a talker, but I'm starting to take Sam's side in this.

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