Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

We return from the credits with a close-up of a dude who's been scalped. Understandably, he's freaking out. And very bloody. Pratt and Neela try to hold the guy down and examine him. Carter walks in and asks what's up. Neela explains that Scalpy McNoHair was checking his radiator while his engine was on, and his hair got caught in the belt. Carter picks up the piece of scalp that was removed. Yikes. Neela adds that the guy tried to pull his hair out of the belt with his hand, so there's extensive damage to that hand, too. Pratt quizzes Neela about the medication she wants, and she orders an antibiotic. Pratt asks if there's anything else, and Carter and Pratt stare at Neela, who looks terrified. Finally, Pratt just places the order himself. Frank walks in and says that a friend of Pratt's is in the waiting room. Carter tells Pratt to go ahead.

Pratt walks into the waiting room and greets his friend, Darnell, with a hug. Darnell points out his brother or son or friend, KJ, a surly teenager. Pratt says hello, and Darnell asks if he can speak to Pratt privately.

Back at the therapist's office, Luka says that he's happy, although he sure doesn't sound very happy. Sam tells Luka he's not happy, because no one is happy all the time. Luka sighs, frustrated. Sam tells the therapist that Luka is "like a sphinx," and that she never knows what he's thinking. Luka protests that they talk, and Sam says that she talks, and Luka smiles and nods. Sam says she's always the one getting angry and yelling. Luka asks if he's supposed to get angry. Sam says it would be nice if he broke a dish or screamed once in a while. So Sam assumes that because Luka doesn't act like a child, he's not angry. And Luka assumes that Sam can read his mind. Great relationship. Luka sighs again, and Sam says that this is exactly what she's talking about. The therapist asks Luka what he's feeling. Luka says he's happy and Sam's not and he doesn't know why. He thinks they're healthy, and that they enjoy each other and their work, and have a good life. Sam looks sad and shakes her head. The therapist asks Sam how that makes her feel, and Sam says it makes her feel "like hitting him over the head with a hammer." They hate each other! Just break up! The therapist asks if there was a particular event that led them to come for therapy. Sam says that she thought she was pregnant, but is greatly relieved that she's not. Luka looks at her sharply. The therapist comments on Sam's great relief, and Sam says that's how she feels. The therapist asks Luka how he feels, and Luka doesn't answer.

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