Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Susan walks up to the emphysema guy and asks what's wrong. Pratt says that Abby had the patient on continuous Albuterol. Abby explains that he was "wheezing and tight." Abby says that the guy was apneic, but she doesn't know why. Susan tries to get Abby to figure it out, and Abby realizes that her treatment caused the guy to code. Susan says that the guy will be fine in a while, and that it's "a classic intern mistake" that Abby won't make again. Abby looks disappointed in herself, and Susan looks disappointed too.

Neela walks into Shelley's trauma room and yells at Shane to get up. He follows her into the hall. Neela insists that Shane tell Bertie and Rebecca what happened, because Bertie thinks she murdered her niece. Shane sighs and walks into the room as Neela watches.

Carter rides in a taxi to the airport. It's pouring rain outside. Carter is crying.

Abby sits outside the ER on a bench, looking fried. Jake walks up and says that if it's any consolation, that was a great teaching case for him. Abby says she's glad her public humiliation furthered his education. Jake says that the guy's fine, and that it's not Abby's fault he smoked for decades. Jake clears his throat and says again that he was thinking he'd rank County as his first choice. Abby asks about San Francisco, and Jake says he wants to stay at County. He smiles at Abby, who shakes her head and tells him not to do that for her. Jake looks peeved.

Shane and Neela walk out and interrupt. Shane says that it was "a seriously crappy day," and suggests that they all go get drunk and pick a fight with a bunch of law clerks. I would pay good money to see Neela in a bar fight. Also, way to read the room, Shane. Abby says that she has more charting to do, and asks what happened with Bertie and Rebecca. Neela reports that Shelley forced them to panhandle to support her crack habit, and beat them up when they didn't bring home enough money. Morris walks out and makes fun of Neela, Shane, and Abby for all their errors of the past two days. Pratt follows and says that the new interns start in a week. Morris chuckles, "God help your patients." Shut up, Morris. And why is Pratt hanging out with Morris? Neela says that she feels really inspired, and vows to go throw herself under a train. Jake starts to walk away too, and Abby asks him not to go away mad. Jake adds, "But do go away." Isn't that a Motley Crue song?

Carter's taxi is stuck in traffic, and the driver keeps honking the horn. Carter opens the car door and gets out in the rain with his bag. He starts running through the traffic until he gets to the sidewalk, then springs down the street. Luckily, he was right by Kem's apartment building. He rings some buzzers until someone lets him in, and then sprints up a few flights of stairs. He pounds on Kem's door and rings the doorbell, but there's no answer. Until Kem opens the door. Carter says, "I'm moving back to Africa and we can start over, and do everything we didn't do before. You can take as long as you need. You can take a month, you can take a year, you can take ten years. I don't care. And I'm not leaving without you, and I'm not living without you. I love you." Kem starts laughing, which seems kind of inappropriate. Carter just repeats, "I love you."

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