Carter est amoureux

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Carter est amoureux

Previously: Panhandlers Bertie and Rebecca went to live with their niece, but didn't seem very happy about it. Kem gave Carter her father's necklace or bracelet or something.

Carter stands and watches construction on the new clinic. Abby walks up and asks if he's surveying his kingdom, and Carter says that he was actually wondering what they do with all the dirt. Haven't you ever seen those signs that say "Clean Fill Wanted"? That's what they do with all the dirt. Abby asks when the clinic will open, and Carter says it will be a year from September. It's nice to know that even Carter's gazillions can't buy speedy construction. Abby congratulates Carter on getting tenure, but Carter doesn't seem very excited about it. Hee! In the background of the shot is a PortaPotty called "Oui Oui." Abby asks if tenure isn't a good thing, and Carter says without conviction that it's great. He asks Abby if she's ready to complete her internship, and become an R2. Abby doesn't seem ready, and says that her internship year went quickly. She asks who Joshua Carter is, and Carter claims it's just a family member. Abby digs a little deeper and gets Carter to reveal that it's the name he and Kem were going to give their baby. Abby is silent, because what do you say to that? Finally, she tells Carter that he's doing a good thing in building the clinic.

Inside the hospital, Susan tells Morris that, now that he's Chief Resident, the other departments will call and yell at him when something goes wrong. So Morris will get yelled at by other doctors? How is that any different? Susan mentions office hours, and Morris gets all excited about having an office. Susan tries to get him back on track, since her point is that he needs to be available for questions and concerns from the residents. Susan finishes up by telling Morris that he needs to be "head cheerleader" and organize happy hours and the like. Morris seems perturbed about this part of his job. Susan hands out the resident contracts for next year to Neela and Abby, but tells Shane that they need to talk about his. Shane is confused by that one. So am I.

Luka and Sam are in a therapist's office. The therapist determines that Sam and Luka work together, and that they've been together for about a year. That's all? It seems like they've been together longer. Probably due to the drudgery of their relationship. Sam is doing all the talking, although she pauses a few times to let Luka jump in, but Luka doesn't speak. The therapist asks if they've sought therapy before, and Luka and Sam both shake their heads no. The therapist asks why they came. Sam pauses and looks over at Luka to see if he'll answer. Luka just sits there, so Sam hesitantly says, "I...I don't think Luka and I should be together." So just break up. It's not like they're married, or have a child together. Why does Luka want to be with Sam if she doesn't want to be with him?

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