Be Still My Heart

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Be Still My Heart

Big ups to Wing Chun and the crew on the ER forums.

Previously on ER, something extremely portentous happened, but I don't know quite what, because my stupid tape cut off the previouslys.

My stupid tape also cut off the beginning of the first scene, plopping me down in medias Greene, where, at what seems like a rather early hour of the morning, David "Oscar" Greene has busted out the cha-cha LP. We find out that Mark's dad played the Oklahoma! soundtrack for Mark "Felix" Greene about a thousand times as a kid. Holling says that Mark won't mind hearing it once more, then; Mark says no, as long as it puts a stop to the "cha-cha-cha." Mark goes to shave. Holling bellows, "Go ahead! Don't wanna be late!" Huh?

Chez Corday, Elizabeth "Briton With A Whip" Corday slogs out to her living room in a bathrobe and bedhead. Isabel "She No Rocket Sci -- Oh, Wait" Corday comments that she thought surgeons had horrible hours, "up very early." "We do," Elizabeth pouts. "I was up very late." She slumps into a chair, and her mother hands her a mug, and they discuss tea; Mama Corday packs up her files and makes to leave, asking, "When's your angioplasty?" Elizabeth doesn't understand why she's asking, and it turns out that Mama Corday thought she might "observe" Elizabeth. "Why would you want to do that?" Elizabeth asks suspiciously. MC says that since her own work is so . . . "esoteric?" Elizabeth finishes for her, but MC corrects her, "Romantic," and says she thought she'd come see "the practical approach." Elizabeth looks decidedly unenthused and says she doesn't think the hospital allows it. MC points out that Elizabeth is Associate Chief of Surgery, and that as such she could probably "make arrangements." MC dons coat and gloves and says she'll call to check, "or perhaps I'll just drop by," and bustles out as Elizabeth calls frantically after her that she doesn't think that's such a good idea.

Back at the Greenehouse, Mark shaves and sings along with "Surrey With The Fringe On Top." Holling appears in the doorway and says he'd hoped to drop by a pharmacy for some refills. Mark says brusquely that, as he's already told Holling, he can't write him scrips. Holling ignores this and says he only needs two out of the three drugs refilled. Mark says, "Dad, you have emphysema." Wow, the writers remember that? Holling protests that he hasn't needed his oxygen in over two months, but Mark points out that he hasn't seen a doctor in over six months, and that he needs to go to a pulmonologist in Chicago. Holling crabs that doctors "ask a million questions when all you need's the medicine," and more back-and-forth on the subject ensues, with Mark refusing to write the prescription and Holling giving him a bunch of shit about it. It ends with Holling padding disgustedly out of the bathroom. Mark goes back to singing and shaving.

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