Be Patient

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Be Patient

Thanks to Pooh, Wing Chun, and the crew on the ER forums.

Hmm, no previouslys this week. But, just in case you live under a rock the size of Des Moines, previously on ER, Lucy and Carter got stabbed, and Lucy died as a result.

Snowy street. Mark "Rogaine Cowboy" Greene and Elizabeth "Esprit De" Corday walk towards the hospital. Elizabeth quizzes Mark on David "Holling" Greene's ice-fishing excursion, but Mark doesn't know much about it. Dave "Rhymes With 'Hootchie'" Malucci nearly runs over them on his bike, and as Dave whizzes past, Mark mutters that he can't believe Dave rides "that thing" in the winter; Elizabeth grumbles, "Damn, Malucci." Turns out she forgot she had a case conference with Romano: "Malucci admitted the patient, and I've left my notes at my apartment." Mark leers that that'll teach her to sleep over at his place, and Elizabeth grouses that she'll see him later. They kiss (ick), and she heads back towards the El; Mark continues on towards the ER, and when he finds Dave tinkering with his bike, he nags Dave for not securing the bike properly. "Thanks, Mom," Dave snarks. "Tired of nagging me for not wearing a helmet?" Mark says acidly that he'd never want to come between Dave and brain death. Bit late for that anyway, Mark.

Inside, "Lollapa" Luka Kovac briefs Kerry "The Cane Mutiny" Weaver on the patients left on the board. Kerry asks Mark to finish up with Luka while she sees to a patient, and Luka tells Mark about a couple more patients, and asks that somebody please call him with the enzyme results on a rule-out MI. Yeah, he cares. He cares a lot. We get it. Mark clears Luka to leave as he heads to the lounge. Meanwhile, Carol "Pedal To The Meddle" Hathaway heads for a ringing phone, but Andrew "Last Name Here" snatches it before she has a chance to answer, then hands it off to Abby "Yale" Lockhart while telling Carol, "It's my job to answer the phones." "Just trying to help," Carol says flatly. "And I appreciate it," Andrew says saucily. Carol doesn't acknowledge him. Whatever. Abby picks up and has a bitchy conversation with someone -- her estranged husband, I presume -- about the fact that she called three days ago and needs "to talk to [him] about the late payments," and she tells him he'll "have to sell" something, but she doesn't care how he does it, she just wants him to make the payments. She repeats the "make the payments" part a couple of times in exasperation; Carol listens. When Abby hangs up, she fidgets, and Carol gives her a sympathetic look. Abby confirms that "that was my soon-to-be-ex-husband." "Sounds bad," Carol says as they walk down the hall. Abby confides that her future ex has taken "a flyer" on some stocks with her loan money, and Carol tries to sound encouraging, and they reach the door of the lounge to find Luka, bundled up and announcing, "Okay, I'm leaving before I fall over. Till next time, ladies." He bows. Abby gestures at him and says sadly, "Men." Yeah, don't get me started.

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