Back In The World

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Back In The World

Previously on ER: Neela and Gallant were pen pals while he served in Iraq. Gallant's buddy was involved in an explosion and died, and Gallant fought the brass to get a young girl who suffered severe burns in the same explosion a trip to Chicago for treatment. Gallant won, and he got to go with her.

Frank walks in and tells Neela that her "favorite patient" is waiting for her. Neela complains to Abby and Shane West about "Back Pain Guy," who is there for the third day in a row. Abby says that Neela can sign all of her patients out to her, except for Back Pain Guy, and Neela agrees. Pratt says he heard that the Iraqi girl is coming in, and Neela says that she hasn't heard any updates. Pratt says that when she does, he wants to talk to Gallant.

Pratt spots a pretty lady talking to a patient and asks who it is. Shane says that it's Tito Escobar, who came in with "a superficial stab wound to the right flank." Pratt was asking about the lady, not the patient. He sleazes over and pretends he needs to examine the patient, in order to try to impress the lady. He introduces himself to the woman, Olivia Evans, who works with Ceasefire, a violence prevention program. Pratt has never heard of it, but tries to pretend that he has. Olivia isn't buying it, so Pratt takes the hint and leaves. Shane asks Pratt what Olivia is like, and Pratt replies, "She's a health professional, [Shane]. Don't be such a dog." Way to project authority, Pratt.

Sam and Alex are stuck in a traffic jam. Alex asks the date, and Sam points out that it's right on the newspaper he's currently reading. Alex notes that it's the 27th, which means that his father will be coming soon. Sam is surprised to hear that Steve is coming, and even that Alex has been in touch with his father, but tries to casually ask Alex, "You heard from him?" Alex says that his dad wrote him a letter, but Alex never said anything because the letter was for him, not Sam. Sam sighs and tries to gently ask Alex how many times his father has promised to visit and then flaked out. Alex looks sad, but doesn't answer.

Neela talks to Back Pain Guy, a.k.a. Mr. Kirkendall. Dubenko spots Neela and runs up to her to congratulate her because the Iraqi mother and daughter arrived that morning. Neela is pleased. Dubenko asks if Gallant is around so he could be introduced to the Plastics Attending. Neela is shocked to hear that Gallant was in the hospital. Dubenko, as usual, misses out on the signals and asks Neela to send Gallant upstairs to meet everyone. Neela agrees, but looks confused, puzzled, and hurt as we crash to credits.

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