April Showers

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April Showers

Props to Niki for being the sweetest, cutest, most resilient employee a girl could ever hope for, and to Sars and Glark for helping to keep me sane. Is it just me, or has 2001 really sucked the bag so far? I need a vacation.

Speaking of things that suck the bag, previously on ER: Chen had a baby and gave him up for adoption; Weaver arranged a hearing to test Mark's competency; Rena told Abby she hoped it was okay with Abby that Rena and Carter were dating, since Carter told Rena about his and Abby's fictional dating history; Weaver told Mitchell that she wasn't "interested in adopting a lifestyle," and Mitchell didn't drop her to the sidewalk like two tons of bricks; Mark proposed marriage to Elizabeth, and she accepted.

Fade up on Valium Villa. A kettle is whistling as Elizabeth "Mrs. Winterbore" Corday stomps into the kitchen spitting, "Dammit!" Her mother, Dr. Isabel "Mama" Corday, admonishes her, but Elizabeth drones on, "Six months ago, this wedding seemed like a good idea. [indicates frankly huge belly] Look at me! What the hell was I thinking?!" Mama Corday, making tea, calmly lies that she looks beautiful -- and by that I don't mean that Alex Kingston isn't beautiful, which she is, or that pregnant women aren't beautiful, which they are, but just that she's not really at her best in this scene; her hair is all plastered to her head with those bendy plastic curlers, and she's wearing this schlumpy robe over a scrub shirt and unmatching pyjama pants. Plus, she's in an ugly mood; you do the math. Elizabeth makes a brief bitchy response and Mama Corday continues, undeterred, "What could be more perfect than marrying the man that you love while carrying his child?" Thirteen-year-olds across the state of Kentucky toast their assent with Skoal cans full of moonshine. Elizabeth snaps, "Yes, well, this love child also comes with an extra forty pounds and hemorrhoids." "There are some things I don't need to know," Mama Corday replies dryly. Elizabeth, exasperated, asks where Mark is. Mama Corday steers her toward a stool, suggesting that she sit down and have some tea. Elizabeth bitterly whines, "What, so that I can pee every two minutes instead of every ten?" Okay, what did your mother just tell you about the TMI? Save something for pillow talk on your honeymoon. Mama Corday finally yells at Elizabeth to stow it, only she frames it as an order for Elizabeth to "take a moment" and "relax." Elizabeth angrily squeezes her eyes closed and, after chilling for a few moments, murmurs, "You're being awfully nice to me. It only makes me more nervous." The phone rings, and Mama Corday goes to the next room get it.

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