Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Previously on ER: Wendall and Carter shared an awkward kiss. Weaver busted Abby and Jake flirting at work. Pratt said he didn't care about research or publishing, and then asked Luka how he stands the responsibility of his job.

Luka and Sam walk down the street next to a parked school bus. A bunch of kids run past them, and Sam tells one of them to slow down. He says, "Sorry, ma'am." Sam is shocked that the kid called her "ma'am," because technically she's a "miss." Luka suggests that she "projects maturity." Sam asks if he's saying she looks old. Luka puts his arm around her and assures her that she's beautiful and doesn't look a day over sixteen. Would you want to look sixteen? I would much rather look twenty-one than sixteen. Sam asks if he would think she had a fifth-grader if he didn't know her. Luka says he wouldn't, and then says he could see her with a toddler. Sam makes a noise of disgust and says, "Sleep deprivation, diapers, teething: been there, done that." Luka smiles, and Sam looks thoughtful, and then she asks if he thinks he might want kids again. Luka asks if she does. Sam says she can't really imagine herself with an infant again, and then continues staring at Luka's face, since he never answered her question.

Typical suburban house. Cynthia Nixon is the mom trying to quell the chaos and get her three kids ready to leave the house to go to various practices. She breaks up a fight between her two sons, and is called a bitch by her teenaged daughter, and then finally shoos everyone out of the house when their father arrives to take them wherever they are going. Once they are out, the phone rings. Cynthia Nixon is still using her outdoor voice, for some reason. Anyway, she says she'll call her friend right back, and hangs up. She walks over to the kitchen table and starts to clean up the mess the kids left. Suddenly, she stops, and then drop to the floor, unconscious. The family dog wanders over and whimpers. That made me more sad than anything else in the episode. What can I say? I don't have kids. I have a dog.

The next scene is filmed from Cynthia Nixon's point of view. She's in the back of the ambulance, and tries to insist that she's fine now, and that she just got a little dizzy. The paramedics don't seem to be listening. This is another case where the first ten minutes of this episode would have been a lot more effective dramatically if the previews hadn't given everything away. But maybe you didn't see the previews, so I'll carry on the conceit that she's talking and the paramedics are ignoring her.

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