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Abby Normal

Seizure Mom can't believe what Big Ears is telling her, but a man with an aural capacity that enormous wouldn't waste hers with false words. "I've never had [psychological] trouble like that," she insists. "I'm not crazy." Abby is there, gently explaining that nobody thinks she is, and that she's only going to be in the Psych ward until they get to the root of the problem. "After that, you can go wherever you need to go to get healthy," she says. Seizure Mom remains skeptical, so Abby plays the "If you go home, you'll endanger your baby" card, and that's enough to win the game.

Impressed, Big Ears leaves with Abby, complimenting her on her perceptiveness, her "bedside manner of an ER doc and...empathetic eyes of an overworked nurse." She laughs sarcastically that she's got a whole passel of talents. "All I have to do is pass my boards," she sighs. Florina interrupts this -- is this whole show a series of interruptions? -- to ask Abby if she'll get Kerry for them, because when they asked for Kerry, Florina was directed to Abby, and that rings her shenanigans bell. "Just wait right here," Abby tells her. "Is there a problem?" Mr. Lopez asks. "No," Abby says brusquely, pushing through the double doors.

When Abby bursts into the lounge, Weaver of course isn't there. Dramatic baby-stealing music plays. Abby strides out of there trying to look unconcerned, only to bump into Florina, who ignored Abby's directive to stay put and apparently figured out how to bust through those unsecured swinging double doors, that evil genius. Abby roughly runs around them and tries to ask around about Kerry's whereabouts. Mr. Lopez -- who might actually really be the Lopezes' lawyer -- babbles on and on and on about the court agreement and violations and whatnot. "Shut up!" Abby barks at him. Wow, that's rude. I know she's frustrated, She's as abrasive as bleach on a baby's skin.

Bursting outside, Abby sees Weaver with Henry in the ambulance bay, and the chimes of doom switch to the tinkling piano of a mother's love. I'm so grateful for the music, because without it, I wouldn't know what to think or feel. Weaver holds the baby up to the sky and gurgles at him. Florina, looking gray and angry, stalks up to her. "He likes to be held up the sky," Weaver says haltingly, in a really weird and overwrought Lifetime Television For Women moment. If Meredith Baxter-Birney shows up anywhere in here, I'll know that something went horribly wrong with my sister's VCR. Florina wordlessly takes Henry and hustles away with him, leaving a bereft Kerry. Abby sits down silently next to her, and they both watch Florina go. We fade to black relieved that the whole fleeing storyline didn't get dragged on and on, but honestly a little sad that it means we're going to have to sit through some courtroom crap.

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