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Abby Normal

Weaver sits alone in her apartment. A call goes through to their answering machine, which has Sandy's voice still on it. That's a nice touch; I don't think I'd be able to change that right away, either, were it me. As she looks completely inconsolable, Kerry listens to Elizabeth's voice asking if she's okay, and worrying about her, and trying to sympathize and offer to help. Weaver looks genuinely lost and broken. It's sort of sweet that Elizabeth is reaching out to her -- much more endearing than the screechy junk she's gotten in seasons past. As usual, Laura Innes is a master.

Ken tells Abby that he can't ignore what came out during the session, which is that Seizure Mom was responsible for the death of a child. Abby tries to fight him. "She was a battered woman, Ken," she says desperately. "It's not going to happen again. She's a good mother." Ken wants to monitor the family, and exits, leaving Abby depressed at the turn of events.

Big Ears approaches and tells Abby that she was practicing good medicine. She shrugs on her coat and gets all self-pitying about how she should've just left them all alone, because they'd have been better off. Wow, Abby the Martyr is back, and I didn't miss her a damn bit. Big Ears reassures her that getting to the truth is always good, and awkwardly invites her to dinner, trying to pretend it's just to quiz her on stuff for the boards. "Too late," Abby says tiredly.

Cut to her registering to retake the boards; we leave the episode with her at a test station.

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