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Abby Normal

Abby argues with Big Ears about pushing the truth serum thingy on Seizure Mom. She wants to do it, because otherwise, it'll take too long to get to the root of the seizures, and the family might lose their baby to the Big Bad Social Workers. Big Ears cautions that this won't be the cure to Seizure Mom's problems, and he thinks it's just too easy. "It's like getting a girl into bed while she's plastered," he analogizes. Abby hates that comparison, but it's a little bit apt -- you still end up with problems when it's all said and done; they're just new sets of problems, and you might end up out a pair of pants. Abby swears that there's more going on with Seizure Mom than they can fathom in the short amount of time they have, which is why she's hot on the drug. He doesn't want to sign off on it because he thinks it's the easy way out, and destroys their therapeutic bond. He won't approve it, and suggests that she try another route. Abby admits that she already has; she got another doctor to agree. Oookay. I'm sure Big Ears really appreciates her going over his head, especially since that's not so easy when you consider how much head he has to hurdle. "[The other doctor] was in the army, where he saw it used successfully," Abby says. She contends that it's a better option than letting Social Services take her child away because Seizure Mom's deemed unfit or a threat.

Cut to the procedure; Seizure Mom takes to the drug just fine. Big Ears heads behind the mirror to hang out with Nick and Ken, and cautions them that Seizure Mom might say something upsetting or surprising in her drug haze. I'm so terrified of that, by the way. The day I have to get anesthesia is the day I blurt out something hideously inappropriate, I just know it. My surgeon's going to be all, "Heathen, congratulations -- you're going to be fine, none of us saw that you were wearing your laundry-day underwear, and we told your boyfriend to stop wearing that shirt." Abby eases Seizure Mom into the process by asking how she met Nick. Then she steers her into talking about her children. "Charlie's gone," murmurs Seizure Mom. She begins to cry. "The paremedics, they kept saying it wasn't my fault, it wasn't my fault," she moans. Abby asks her to talk about the moment she realized something was wrong with Charlie. "I was holding him," Seizure Mom begins. "Jake worked all night at the bar. We had a fight that morning. He said I couldn't do anything right, and I was a lousy lay. I couldn't cook. I couldn't keep the baby quiet." Abby listens, and then gingerly asks if Jake ever hurt her. "He hit me a lot," Seizure Mom whimpers. She confesses that the baby started crying while Jake was trying to fall asleep, and Jake started yelling and throwing things and threatening to kill them both. "I held Charlie tight, wrapped him in a blanket, and held him tight for a long time," she recalls through tears. "I thought he was asleep." Abby coldly realizes what's happened here, and turns toward where she knows Ken is listening intently. "You were afraid," Abby insists. "I held him too tight," weeps Seizure Mom. Abby gently asks if she's afraid she'll do that again, this time to her daughter, and Seizure Mom does nothing but sniffle.

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