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Abby Normal

Next scene: Pratt tells the fry cook that his tox screen came back negative. "I told you it would," he smiles. Pratt gives him Tylenol for the pain. As Neela enters to help out, Fry Cook starts weaving a woeful tale indeed of how he's the oldest child, and he works the graveyard shift so that his mother can be home with all the other children, who are from two different fathers that are both deadbeats. Call Steve -- they can start a club. And then remind yourself to store all this in the memory banks, because he -- and undoubtedly, his heart-rending tale -- will show up next week. Neela frets that his blood pressure is a little bit high. "Fear of doctors," Pratt smiles, reassuringly. "Get it myself sometimes."

Outside, Neela begins to diagnose hypertension in Fry Cook, but Pratt spits that she shouldn't care -- she's got her mice now. Worst triangle ever. "Is something wrong?" Neela asks. Pratt rants that Gallant's off in a war zone, and she's Marie Curie all of a sudden, and it's irritating because Gallant busted his ass to cover for her in the ER and she's wasting the second chance. He wants to know if she's committed. "My friend took a hit [for you] and you're here, running around doing everything but practice ER medicine," Pratt snaps. "If that's the way it's going to be, fine, but hurry up and decide. You're taking up space." We fade to black wondering if Gallant would be surprised to hear Pratt so vehemently championing their friendship.

Seizure Mom cradles a photo of her baby. Abby enters with some tea and sits in a giant chair that looks primed to swallow her whole, and decides she wants to continue talking about The Other Baby. "I told you what happened," Seizure Mom says stiffly. "You didn't tell me how it felt, how you reacted," Abby says. "I would want to talk about it." Seizure Mom glares, "I don't need someone to tell me how to cry." Valerie Bertinelli walks into the scene, deep in conversation with Harry Hamlin and holding a framed photo of her dead sister, Judith Light. Abby oversimplifies that the mind often plays tricks on people, and makes them think they're over something, when actually they're not; Seizure Mom dubiously snorts that she can't believe an eight-year-old incident is at the root of this. Wow. Two glares of derision at the very thought of that means it's twice as relevant. "There is a medication I can give you that can help us learn more about what you're feeling," Abby starts gingerly. Seizure Mom seems pissed as Abby adds that it's an IV that makes her sleepy, but opens her up -- kind of like truth serum and hypnosis mixed together, I would guess. They'll ask her some questions and try to pry the truth out of her. Seizure Mom agrees to do it.

In the lab, Neela notices that Yuri's getting reamed by his supervisor. "How long has he been in there?" she frets. "Half an hour," Poindexter says, lamenting that Yuri's in trouble when he's so close to getting his Ph.D. They hope Yuri only gets reprimanded. A co-worker snorts that perhaps they should stop treating the lab like playground; Poindexter thinks the dude's an idiot and doesn't get that they're unlocking the mind with cutting-edge stuff. Poindexter desperately needs to get laid. Neela promises that she and her ER buddies never busted them to anyone, and insists she really likes it up there and prefers working in the lab. Okay. That was kind of heartfelt. I have no idea what's going on with her. A week or two ago she balked at the very idea.

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