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Abby Normal

Apparently -- albeit after Abby almost gives up altogether -- this window into the mind of the miserable is enough to make Seizure Mom open up and spill some secrets. You know, I give Abby credit for being honest. Seizure Mom doesn't know her -- she could've just started spouting a bunch of lies, like, "I gave up my religion and it kills me," or, "My problem is that I'm addicted to life, and I love too much." Seizure Mom confesses that she had a baby eight years ago, named Charlie. Abby curiously returns to the chair she'd vacated in total capitulation, and listens in disbelief. "Before I met Nick," Seizure Mom explains. "When Charlie was two months old, he stopped breathing." No one could revive him, she says, and the paramedics told her it was probably SIDS. Abby asks why she didn't mention this before, and Seizure Mom cluelessly shrugs that she really didn't think something that happened eight years ago could possibly be relevant. Only in Psych would Abby find people who are even less on-the-ball than she usually is.

"I love you, Neela," Yuri drawls. "Yes, I know," she says evenly, examining him. "You ROCK," he slurs. "Yes I do," she replies. Hee. But sadly, yet predictably, Yuri's heart starts to freak out from the drugs, and his blood pressure spikes. Neela makes him lie down and mutters that he's an idiot, taking his pulse and determining that they need to go the ER immediately.

Pratt greets her down there, pissed that she wasn't back sooner; she demands access to a monitored bed. Pratt wants to know why, and Neela explains Yuri's problem. Poindexter begs them to keep it quiet. "Who is he?" Pratt asks. Then he turns to Poindexter. "Who are you?" he asks, fully irritated. Poindexter sputters that they were working on a special project in the lab. "You boys in the Mouse House are using human subjects now?" Pratt crabs. Yuri begins to moan, and his heart gets all out of whack; he's scared, and Neela and Pratt finally seize upon a drug that stabilizes his rhythms so that they don't need to use paddles. "Feel better?" Neela asks. "Yeah, I think," Yuri gasps. Haleh is shooting them glares all over the place. The fire in her eyes would torch a village. Pratt wants to start a chart for Yuri, but Poindexter freaks that they need to escape without a record of this. "She didn't say anything about registering," Yuri panics. Pratt accuses them of doing something illegal. "No, it was legitimate science. Word!" Poindexter attempts. "Did you just say 'word' to me?" Pratt seethes. Yuri admits that it was unauthorized research, which has Pratt all on his soapbox about how they save lives in the ER while total nerds play Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde up in the lab. Pratt's awfully preachy for someone who just snapped a guy's neck. Yuri freaks that he'll get kicked out of the lab, so Pratt tells him to wait twenty minutes to make sure he's stabilized, and then he'll let them run free upstairs, where they can "wire electrodes to your nuts, for all [he] care[s]." Don't give them any ideas, Pratt.

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