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Abby Normal

Next, we make a really abrupt cut up to the lab. Neela is up there checking her slides, and stumbles upon Poindexter and Yuri. "Go home," Poindexter whispers. "I'm working the ER," Neela begins to explain. "Then get back down there fast," he orders her. He then starts urging Yuri to verbalize, which piques Neela's curiosity. Yuri appears to be completely high on something, which clues in Neela to the fact that this is probably unauthorized research. "Is he okay?" Neela asks. "He's more than okay," Poindexter grins. Apparently, they're working on a little side project that involves human testing. "Ketamine has lots of potential applications," insists Poindexter. "For getting high," spits Neela. Poindexter insists that this just accesses lobes of the brain never before utilized, and that they're exploring the brain for real truth -- the real Yuri. For his stoned part, Yuri babbles about them being astronauts of the mind. If he's not careful, he'll do one test too many, and then his brain -- like the moon -- will be made of green cheese. Neela gets worried, and tests all of Yuri's vitals while his eyes glaze over dreamily and he babbles about the final frontier and accessing new places in the mind, and all the usual things that dumb-asses say to justify doing really dumb, really dangerous things.

Big Ears watches from behind the mirror as Abby talks to Seizure Mom. She admits that she's scared. "I need to hold my baby," she sniffles. Abby is empathetic, but says that they just really need to keep pushing. "I don't know what you want from me," Seizure Mom frets. Abby begins a spiel about how we all have things that we try to keep hidden and deeply buried, but Seizure Mom can smell rhetoric when she hears it and demands to know a little something about Abby. Tit for tat, if you will. Monologue for monologue. Emmy clip for Emmy clip. "It's not about me," Abby says. I'm sorry...did that...did we just witness a historic utterance? That pretty much negates the entirety of Season 9. Seizure Mom is resolute. Abby twitches. Big Ears furrows his brow so much that his ears are suddenly in Michigan. "Okay," Abby says. Then she pauses. "I can't follow through," she confesses. "On what?" Seizure Mom asks, curiously. "On anything," Abby says. "When something gets in my way, it's like a chemical reaction -- I just shut down, and give up." She shrugs. This is fairly astute of her. When did Abby become self-aware? "I'm just looking for an excuse to stop, because in the end, it's easier to do that than risk being hurt or disappointed," she says. Ah, yes, the demise of Carter/Abby. Fond memories of the dissolution of that unholy union. "With men?" Seizure Mom asks. "Men, my career, my family -- pick your poison," Abby says with a joyless smile. She looks moved by this admission for a second, and then slides the "Aw, shucks" veneer back in place and insists that's her whole story, trying to wash off the honesty and pretend it doesn't make her squirm underneath her skin. Good scene for her.

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