A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

In the hall, we see a young, African-American guy sitting in a chair; even from far off, you can tell he's tensely waiting. Lowering his voice, Romano tells Benton, "He showed up in my office whining about not getting an interview, so I thought you should shake his hand -- since this sort of falls under your purview -- before you had the security toss him out." Romano struts off before Benton can answer. Benton gives the standard "fucking Romano" sigh and head shake. As Romano passes in front of the candidate, he indicates Benton and says, "That's your man." The student introduces himself to "Dean Benton" (Benton quickly corrects him: "Dr. Benton") as William White. He starts to tell his story. Benton looks reasonably patient...for Benton.

Back in Zack's trauma room, Malik says that Miss Pre-School doesn't have a signed emergency consent form. Chen asks Lisa how long Zack's been out; Lisa says it's been forty minutes. Chen leans over Zack again and tries the "please wake up" method of emergency treatment before Lisa curtly declares, "He needs an LP." What's wrong with CDs, you vinyl snob? (Get it? Dude, I'm in a hurry, here. Pretend I'm Henny Youngman if you have to.) Plus, Lisa? You're a nurse, so stick an orthopedic stocking in it. Chen reminds Lisa that they don't have parental consent to perform one, and Lisa bossily tells her to get another doctor to sign off the chart with her. Lisa, who do you think you are, Haleh? Chen relents, telling Lisa to set up the tray.

Chen finds Carter, and catches him up on the situation. He asks whether there are any other signs; she says that the x-ray looks like viral pneumonia, that she can't assess for a stiff neck, but that there is viral pneumonia. Carter agreeably asks where he should sign.

Luka silently examines Bishop Cromwell. Chuny, off-screen, says that Bishop Cromwell's oxygen saturation is only seventy-eight. Bishop Cromwell asks what it should be, and she tells him it should be a hundred. Bishop Cromwell twinkles, "Seventy-eight sounds like a passing grade!" "Barely," Luka snaps, and gives Chuny some orders, concluding, "Hang a gram of Cefotaxime in case of [sic] it's pneumonia." "'Pneumonia'?" Bishop Cromwell repeats. "I don't even feel like I have a fever!" Luka says that the steroids prevent him from having fevers, and then, before Bishop Cromwell can answer, tells Chuny to push more Solumedrol. "You're giving me more steroids?" Bishop Cromwell asks. Luka explains, "You could have a flare of the lupus [which he pronounces "loo-poose" as if it almost rhymed with "papoose," and sounds really cute] with inflammation in the lung. There's also a chance that you're throwing blood clots." Bishop Cromwell anxiously rubs his eyes. Luka adds, "Lupus makes your blood coagulate more easily." He then asks, "Have you called your own doctor." "No?" Bishop Cromwell says, as if he's a naughty teenager who's been caught in a transgression. Luka says he'll call him, and Bishop Cromwell growls, "No." Luka, getting angry: "Why -- because you think I'm easier to manipulate?" Bishop Cromwell chuckles., "I'm not nearly as Machiavellian as you imagine me to be. I came here because I prefer your care." Luka sighs, and presses his lovely lips together in luscious exasperation. Okay, I'm sorry -- I'm still getting flashbacks to NippleCon 2K1. He's hot, is my point.

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