A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

Following Fr. Lackey to the car, Lisa asks what's wrong with the patient (and, gee, I wonder who it'll be? Not). Fr. Lackey says that he's having trouble breathing, that he's been ill, and that the current crisis started a couple of hours ago. They reach the car; Lisa opens the door and peers in; coming as a surprise to no one, it's Bishop Cromwell. "Hello!" he greets her, warmly. I can't tell whether she recognizes him or not, but she must, because of the Luka connection. Anyway, she asks him whether he can walk, and he allows, "I don't think so."

In a trauma room, Zack appears not to have awakened, but the machines beeping seem to be regular and not crashing or anything. Lisa enters and apologizes for her delay, explaining, "The bishop's back." But that would mean nothing to Chen, so...I don't know. Anyway, Chen tells Lisa that she needs Zack's weight; Lisa figures it out, using a folding chart, as twenty kilos. Machines start beeping more urgently, and Chen tells Malik to put Zack on a mask. Lisa asks Chen whether she wants to do a spinal tap. This stops Chen; she considers a moment. Lisa adds, "He could have meningitis." Chen counters, in a mild tone of voice, "Or it could be febrile seizure and he's going to wake up." Lisa offers to get an LP tray, and Chen, more testily, says that she wants to wait a few more minutes. Lisa looks as though she's literally biting her tongue. Chen calls out some more drug orders, and then gives Lisa a good, old-fashioned glaring. Chen, simmer down, and put your hair up.

Benton toils at a desk. Robert "Rocket" Romano appears in his doorway and makes a few snide remarks about the (shitty) state of Benton's office. Benton seems to be working in the steam pipe trunk distribution venue, just like poor Ainsley does: the overhead lights are hanging way too low (and are buzzing loudly, for good measure), he's been issued only cheap steel shelves, the venetian blinds appear to be broken, and there's a lot of clanging ambient noise from outside. Benton takes Romano's ribbing in fairly good humour, under the circumstances: "Well, I requisitioned some furniture, but I hear the form is still on your desk, waiting for your signature." Romano claims that his in-box is full, and asks whether Benton's working on admissions folders. Benton says he is, and that he thought he might familiarize himself with the candidates before meeting them. Romano advises, "Don't bother. Kids come in, they're going to toss out a bunch of tired clichés about wanting to help people. You could ask them their favourite colour, you could ask them whether or not they like cheese -- doesn't matter." If liking cheese is all it takes, I would make a Heluva good doctor. (Get it?) Romano turns on his heel and tells Benton to follow him, which Benton does, after a moment.

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