A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

Another bedroom, another free show. Kerry "Heche with a Crutch" Weaver rolls over between peach-coloured sheets and sighs contentedly. Kim "Mitchell" Legaspi, in a silky robe, steps toward her and whispers, "Hi! Did I wake you?" Weaver grunts a "no" sound; Mitchell says she was trying to let Weaver sleep, and sits on the edge of the bed. Weaver says she should probably get home, anyway. Mitchell suggests that Weaver bring a few things over to Mitchell's, if she's going to be sleeping there, and offers to clear out some closet space. "Are you sure you can spare it?" Weaver smiles. No. She can't spare it. She can't spare a square. She doesn't have a square to spare! Well, maybe a couple of inches. They both chuckle fondly. Mitchell says that she needs to dry her hair, and Weaver quietly grunts an "okay" sound. Mitchell gazes at her, then takes Weaver's hand and kisses the palm. Mitchell makes to get up, and then asks, "Are you going to watch me again?" Weaver grunts a "yes" noise. "Again"? I don't know. The blow dryer starts. Weaver watches. The Look...Of Love...Is In...Her Eyes.

Another dark bedroom. In shadow, so that we can barely make her out, Abby "Lisa" Lockhart, clutching another hand, kisses the one know, isn't her own, and then we see that...Oh, lordy. Okay, she was on top of Luka "Altar Boy" Kovac, and he's naked -- at least, his chest is. And there it is. All naked. Showing nipple. And he's wearing a satisfied post-coital smile. And...I have the vapours now. Lisa lies down next to him, her head on his shoulder, and he wraps his arm around her. She blearily asks if he's okay, and he grunts (all about the grunts, this sequence) that he is, and asks if she is; she is. He strokes her hair and pensively stares ahead. After a silent moment -- all too short for this recapper's taste, given my time constraints -- Lisa murmurs, "Penny for your thoughts." "Pardon?" Luka asks. Lisa explains, "It means, 'What are you thinking about?'" Luka says he's not thinking about anything, really, then amends his earlier statement to say that he was thinking about the bishop. Lisa cracks, "Making love with me makes you think of a priest with lupus?" They both laugh, and then both are silent. Lisa opens her eyes suddenly and non sequiturs, "You watch me when we make love." "You're beautiful," Luka tells her. She opens her eyes again, and asks, "What was her name?" "Who?" Luka plays dumb. "Your wife," Lisa duhs. "Daniela," Luka replies. "Did you love her very much?" Lisa leads the witness. "Yeah," Luka murmurs. "I'm glad," Lisa sighs. Sorry, but where I come from, that's what chemistry looks like. Just saying.

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