A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

Church. Luka cradles his head in his hand. Fr. Lackey runs out and tells him that he was helping Bishop Cromwell to get undressed when he collapsed. Luka rolls him over, puts his ear to Bishop Cromwell's mouth, and rubs his chest, telling Fr. Lackey to call 911 and tell them they have a man with possible respiratory arrest.

Elizabeth arrives at Valium Villa, which is dark. She flicks on the light and screeches Mark's name a few times. She finally finds him in what appears to be their bedroom, dully staring ahead. She sits down next to him on the bed and asks what happened. Mark replies, "He recommended formal competency testing." Elizabeth sighs loudly as Mark continues, "Psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, MRI, personality test -- it's going to take five days." Elizabeth sighs again, and hugs him, saying, "I'm so sorry." "The good times just keep comin'," Mark mutters. Okay, but, the thing is? If you fail these tests, you shouldn't be a doctor -- and that would suck for you, but -- as I have been saying all along throughout this stupid storyline -- people's lives are at stake, and your ego should take a back seat to that fact, and to their lives! If you really are confident that you are competent to treat patients, you should relish this opportunity to prove Weaver wrong and stick it to her! And if you're not, you should take that as all the evidence you really need that you should take. Some. Time. OFF. GOD. Sorry, but I refuse to feel sorry for him.

Snowy tree branches. Luka staring up at snowy tree branches. Lisa finds him staring and asks what he's doing. Luka explains (sort of), "I couldn't find a forest." She actually says, "Huh?" but Luka has no further response to give her, and smiles up as the snow falls on his face. Lisa exposits that Luka brought Bishop Cromwell back, and asks how he's doing. "He's dying," Luka tells her. Lisa suggests, "He might surprise you. We get enough miracles around here -- why not one more?" Luka says nothing, and Lisa finally says, "I'm freezing! You ready to go home?" He says he is. She turns to go, and then turns back expectantly; he wraps his arm around her and they head home.

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