A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

Also, Sars and Djb just got here. They're downstairs watching the Bring it On DVD while I try to finish this up.

So...people die. The End.

Just kidding.

Admission committee. The three confer on the applicants. They sum up by agreeing to recommend two to the full committee, and to reject fourteen. As Romano and Dr. Aquino prepare to leave, Benton says that he has one more applicant he'd like to consider. Long story short -- because we all see where this is going, anyway -- he says it's William White, and that they didn't interview him that day. Dr. Aquino asks where William went to school, and Benton says, "The University of Illinois-Chicago." Romano sniffs, "My gardener could have gotten a three-eight at the U of I, and he had his head run over by an ice-cream truck as a kid." Benton quietly says, "I went to the University of Illinois." Dr. Aquino says that William's MCATs -- in the ninety-first percentile -- are well below their admission standard. Benton argues, "MCATs don't predict how good a doctor you'll be -- just what you'll do the first two years of med school. This kid is bright, he's dedicated, he's --" "He's black," Romano finishes. "Yeah, he's black," Benton agrees. "Affirmative Action's against the law, Peter," says Romano. Benton notes that they didn't interview one black or Latino applicant that day (though there were about six Asian students among the ones we saw). Romano shoots back, "We have a colourblind admissions policy. If he was good enough to get in, he would have been here." Benton PSAs that minority students don't have the same access to academic opportunities. Romano snaps, "And, what? You want to address that by advancing underqualified applicants at the expense of our integrity, and theirs?" Benton leans forward and says, "I want him to have an interview." I think William's going to get one.

Ordination ceremony. The camera starts in front of Bishop Cromwell's face and rises upward. The congregation sings the Litany of the Saints. We see the priest lying prone at the bishop's feet, his arms stretched out in the traditional crucifixion pose.

With the litany still being performed on the soundtrack, Carter comes into Zack's room just in time for him to die. Carter looks back at Mr. and Mrs. Woodman, biting back tears.

Luka crouches in the sacristy as the litany continues. Suddenly there's a flash to Luka, standing alone, with snow swirling around him. Cut back to present-day Luka, and then another flash -- with an accompanying sound effect like a bomb finding its target -- to three pine coffins, one big and two small. Each has a crucifix on it; the smallest of the three has a teddy bear on it, and the middle coffin, a rag doll. Cut back to present Luka, and then back to the middle coffin, and its rag doll. Now we can also hear a mass being performed in Croatian, and we can hear that the litany in the Chicago church has morphed into the traditional "Anvil Chorus." Just in case we didn't get it. BUT WE GET IT.

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