A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

As they all head in, Bishop Cromwell heads out, assisted by Fr. Lackey. The snow falls. Bishop Cromwell looks resigned, and a little nervous. A woman's voice coos on the soundtrack.

Inside, Luka watches as Fr. Lackey helps Bishop Cromwell into the car, and then stares off into space real hard.

Two segments in four hours. At least Sars and Djb are behind schedule. Okay -- spooky time: as soon as I had finished typing that, the phone rang, and it was Djb saying they were approaching the border. I can conjure them with my mind!

Benton walks into a large room full of filing cabinets. He tells the clerk that he needs to review a file. She's played by Rebecca DeMornay. No, not that one -- the one from Seinfeld, who refused Elaine's charitable gift of muffin stumps, and George's gift of an art book he'd read in the bathroom at a bookstore. Anyway, she directs him to the drawer, and asks about his position as Director of Diversity: "That position's a little quixotic around here these days. My David wouldn't be working for Morgan Stanley without Affirmative Action." She locates William White's file and hands it to him. As Benton inspects it, he asks her to direct him to an application by someone who was accepted, so that he may compare them. She points him in the right direction, and when he gets there, he apparently gets curious about his own application, and goes for a peek. Naughty.

From above, we see Lisa wander out into the snowy ambulance bay, crossing her arms over her chest for warmth. She spots Luka and goes toward him, asking, "What are you doing out here?" Except the caption says, "Have you eaten?" He says he's just getting some air, but the caption says, "I'm not hungry." She asks, "What's the matter? How's your bishop?" (and, from here on, the dialogue and the captions match). Luka says that Bishop Cromwell just left. She says, "That's good, right?" Luka says, "He's having an acute lupus flare. He left A.M.A." Lisa suggests, "So, go get him." Luka glances at her, and she adds, "Take some oxygen. Make sure he's okay." A bit hesitantly, Luka says, "He knew what he was doing. I'm not his keeper." They both watch the snow. Gee, I wonder what he'll do. Except I don't.

Finch shows up in Benton's office with a bottle of water and a couple of packaged sandwiches. She chaffs him about his office, and then, looking through the window, asks what's out there; he tells her it's his view into the cafeteria kitchen. She tells him about Zack, and then notices the med-school applications spread all over his desk and asks what he's doing; she spots his own file and asks what's up. Benton fills her in on William White, and says that he got curious and looked for his own file: "My file wasn't with the rest. It was in the back with three others, filed under 'A.A.' Affirmative Action." Finch emotionlessly asks, "That surprise you?" Benton defensively says, "Hell, yeah! My grades were good, my MCATs were competitive....[sighs] Yeah, but, when I compared it to the other applicants that were accepted that year, I shouldn't have even gotten in." Finch sets down his file and says, "You're an excellent physician, Peter. They were right to let you in." Benton, handing her a file, asks, "Oh, yeah? This is the file of the kid that didn't even get an interview this year -- William White. His grades, his MCAT scores -- they're better than mine were." Finch looks blank. That surprise you?

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