A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

In the hall, Luka examines a film. Fr. Lackey, standing by, asks whether the film is of the bishop, adding, "He says he's feeling better." Luka sighs, "The oxygen and the medication," which I assume means those are what are making him feel better. Fr. Lackey asks, "So...he'll be able to perform the ordination this afternoon?" Luka has no idea what he's talking about, and Fr. Lackey explains, "That's where we were headed when he became ill in the car. One of the kids that he baptized at his first parish is being ordained as a priest today." Aw! But...d'oh, because Luka angrily snatches the film off the light box and stomps over to Bishop Cromwell, who's getting dressed. Luka demands, "Where are you going?" Bishop Cromwell breezily says that he's feeling much better. Luka spits some numbers at him, but they must mean as little to Bishop Cromwell as they do to me, because he asks, "Is that good?" Luka snaps, "No, it's not good! It's an indication of active lupus!" Bishop Cromwell has no response to that, so Luka stomps in front of him and yells, "Stop buttoning that damn shirt!" Bishop Cromwell asks, "Is Joe still outside? I think I'm going to need some help getting into these pants." Damn, if only Luka were the one uttering that line. Only with "out of" in place of "into." And with "Wing Chun" in place of "Joe." Luka insists, "You need to be admitted to the ICU for IV Cytoxan." Bishop Cromwell bargains, "It'll only take me a couple of hours." Luka impatiently tells him, "If the inflammation in your lungs continues, you won't get enough oxygen to stay alive!" Bishop Cromwell cheerfully promises, "If I skip the reception, I can be back in here by six." Luka hisses, "You'll be dead by six!" Bishop Cromwell blinks, and then smiles, "It's in God's hands." "God could give a damn," snaps Luka, and then takes a step backward, apparently feeling the import of his words now that they're out of his mouth, and wishing he could take them back. Bishop Cromwell looks down, and then sadly looks back up at Luka. Luka continues fuming, and even seems to be panting a little at the exertion this conversation requires. After another moment, Bishop Cromwell asks, "Is there something I should sign, so I can go?"

By the elevator, Mitchell is having an animated conversation with a woman who's clearly an old friend; the old friend is played by Megan Follows, a Canadian actor whose most famous role is still Anne Shirley in Kevin Sullivan's mini-series adaptations of the Anne of Green Gables books. Also, she must have a new agent, because she was on this week's episode of The X-Files, too. Anyway, the elevator doors open and Weaver steps out, right into the middle of this fond and somewhat intimate conversation. As they laugh, Weaver looks slightly jealous. Mitchell sees that it's Weaver coming off the elevator and exclaims, "Hey! We were just looking for you." Mitchell introduces Anne, and explains that she and Anne were just having coffee. Anne adds that she insisted that Mitchell bring her down: "I'm sorry, but a bunch of us were beginning to question your existence!" Weaver looks supremely unsettled, perhaps because she's just noticed that she and Anne have the same short/long haircut, and that, without realizing it, she's had lesbian hair all along. Mitchell tells Weaver, "We were all thinking about getting together for dinner tonight. You game?" Weaver demurs that she can't get off in time for dinner, but that she appreciates the invitation. Mitchell tells her that she already checked Weaver's schedule and knows that she gets off at six. Um. You checked her schedule? Codependent much? Anne (as Dr. Dave rolls up behind her) says, "Don't worry -- nobody bites." [Insert your own off-colour joke here.] Dr. Dave -- clearly not knowing or caring exactly what's going on -- asks Weaver to sign off on his chart. The elevator doors open and Mitchell and Anne get in, confirming that they'll see Weaver at 7:30. Okay, I know Anne is supposed to be a lesbian, but, dude, that was one dowdy suit she had on. The woman's thirty at the most; don't dress her like Janet Reno. Weaver inspects Dr. Dave's chart, mutters to Weaver, "Is that Legaspi's girlfriend? I heard she's gay." Weaver says that she doesn't know. Dr. Dave adds, "What I wouldn't pay to drop in on that little party, huh?" and takes off. Weaver watches him go, looking pensive. Weaver, please don't put any stock in anything Dr. Dave has to say; you certainly never have before.

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