A Shot In The Dark

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A Shot In The Dark

Previously: Alex told Luka that he already has a dad. Weaver told Shane West to clean up his act. Carter offered to walk out with Wendall. Chen got frustrated with caring for her father, which I'm not linking because it's happened in almost every episode. Luka invited Sam and Alex to move in.

A shadowy figure is taking a shower. Please be Luka. Please be Luka. Oh, it's Sam. You can totally see her naked figure through the frosted glass, by the way. And she's showering with the bathroom door open, which is just weird. Hasn't she seen Psycho? Luka walks in, home from work. Luka and Sam make small talk about work, and Sam asks Luka to pick up Alex from school. Alex stumbles sleepily into the bathroom and asks Sam for money for a class field trip. She agrees. I have to say, I don't consider myself super-uptight or anything, but I think it's a little weird that a boy Alex's age comes into the bathroom while his mom is showering. Especially in a shower with a glass door. Alex starts peeing, and Luka gives him a look, causing Alex to sass, "What, you've never seen a kid pee before?" This family has no boundaries. Especially considering that they're not really a family yet. ["My family had no boundaries either. Maybe it's a single-mom thing." -- Wing Chun]

Admit Desk. Neela writes a check that she mutters is going to bounce. Shane walks up and nosily says that there are a lot of zeros on that check. Who asked you, Johnny Not-ten? Neela says that tuition is expensive. Shane points out that she can defer paying off her loans, but Neela says that the check is to her father. She explains that her parents put her through school, and now it's her turn to put her brother through school. Shane asks why they don't wait until Neela completes her residency, when she'll be making "the real money." Neela asks Shane if he needs something. He asks her if she'll work Christmas for him. Shane says he'll work New Year's Eve for her instead, so that his family can be together on Christmas. I bet he doesn't even have a family. Shane offers to work Ramadan for her. Isn't that a whole month? And didn't it already happen? Neela says she's not Muslim anyway, and that she's a Sikh. Shane puns that he'll cover for her when she wants to take "a Sikh day." Groan.

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