A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

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A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

Previously on ER: Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous showed up with Tom Green Cancer, but he didn't get the added therapy of screwing Drew Barrymore. Chen confessed to Pratt that she had a baby once. He stroked her hair, or something. And, in case you're really out of it and you didn't realize that ER stands for Everyone Related to Abby, Abby's brother Eric developed bipolar depression and there was friction. But he appeared recently to be on his meds, and had bought a plane, and everyone was as happy as miserable people can be, until his plane disappeared. And also, fresh from the mean streets of The Amazing Race, the beautiful and talented Miss Alli dropped by long enough to kick this show's ass with a kick-ass recap. And there was much rejoicing. Thanks, Miss Alli!

Abby's kitchen is dark. On the table, in the foreground, is an open and half-empty bottle of tequila. Or, as the poor beleaguered tequila itself might say, half-escaped. Carter unlocks the front door and enters, quietly calling Abby's name. The captioning claims we can hear an alarm clock buzzing, but we can't. (Not yet.) As he deposits his stuff in the living room, Carter strolls to the bedroom with a sidelong glance at the kitchen. He spies the tequila and rolls his eyes, because that's a lot of Cuervo to down when there's no salt or lime in sight. Sighing heavily, he enters the bedroom and sees Abby lying sprawled on her stomach near the edge of the bed, messy and looking very much like she passed out in the center of one of the three mattresses she was seeing at the time. Her beeping alarm clock is now audible. Carter slowly takes off his jacket, gazing pityingly at her. He seems at once disappointed in her, unsurprised by this, and sorry for her. Then, Carter lies down on the bed and reaches over to turn off the alarm, not appearing to wonder if the blaring buzzer might have signaled that Abby needs to wake up for one reason or another. No, instead he spoons her, strokes her shoulder, and looks lost, then closes his eyes.

Weaver leans on the buzzer of an apartment building near the El track. Just as she's about to give up on the occupant, Luka throws open the door and apologizes. He looks sultry, as usual. Stiff greetings ensue, because they didn't get a chance to sort out their differences with a few notes during study hall. Finally, Luka invites her inside, but Weaver declines. "I'm on my way to work," she says. "Remember? That place where you used to practice medicine?" Luka blinks. "I told you I needed time off," he replies emptily. "Yeah, well, you've had it," Weaver snaps. "Rumor is you've quit, but I see nothing official, so I scheduled you to work the 12-to-12 shift today." Luka shrugs that he still has things to do. Things. The writers aren't sure what he must do, or indeed what he's been doing this entire time, but they're pretty sure it involves Things. Do whores count as Things? What about recappers? Weaver snots that Luka has until noon to decide whether he still wants to be a doctor, "or don't bother coming back." She's all snippy, but I swear, this is her maladjusted way of trying to reach out to him. Problem is, she's reaching out with the hand that's wrapped around her crutch, which makes for some very painful bruising on the part of her target.

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