Cold Station 12 (2)

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Flight of the Khannabees


Khanna Babees, we make our genes true blue!
Khanna Babees, we'll kill a race or two!
Mullet: When your face looks kinda skank and you pretend that you are gods…
Dawsonella: Just close your eyes and make believe and you can be fugly fro-ogs!
Mullet: I like to kill people!
Dawsonella: I like to prance!
Dain'ta: I love great chromosomes!
Animal: Animal dance!!
Khannabenigma: I've got my algorithms!
Khannabee1: I poison the air!
Khannabee Student: I underachieve.
Dead-Head Khannabee: And I have napped hair!
Bermanga: Me, I invent things!
UPN: Mee mee mee meee!
Keckler: Is everything all right in here?
All: Yes, Keckler.

Khanna Khanna Khanna Khanna/Babees Babees Babees Babees!

What? Oh, you were more of the Kidd Video type? Never mind then.

Happy Birthday, Evil Dr. Mathra! You get to be older than me for all of twelve hours and twelve days.

Eleven years earlier, Dain'ta talks to the young Khannabees about how extra-super-special with gold stars they are. He also tells them that everyone on the Pretty People Playground are afraid of them. "They fear your power, your intellect, your enormous foreheads," Dain'ta lists. Man, they even got ugly-assed kids to play these roles! I'm surprised their genetic engineering didn't supercede the monobrows a few of them are sporting. I mean, at the very least, being a superhuman should mean never having to pluck again. Dain'ta tells the Khannababees that he's just watching over them and that they belong to the future. One of the ugliest kids (Mullet) is slack-jawed until he asks if there are others like them. Dain'ta confirms that there are many others just waiting to be born and freed by their ugly siblings.

Back in the present, Dain'ta make plans to take control of Cold Station 12. Mullet, who somewhere acquired a British accent between childhood and mullethood, wants to destroy the life support system before taking control. Dain'ta doesn't think any lives need be taken. "No one is to be killed -- is that understood?" Dain'ta repeats. He looks at Mullet for his acquiescence. "Yes, understood, Father," Mullet fakes. Dain'ta leaves. Mullet glowers and looks ugly. Neither of which are very hard for him to do.

Bermanga sent seventy of us into exile in this barren sand heap with only the contents of this theme song to sustain us?

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